Saying goodbye is not a strength of mine. I absolutely, utterly, 100% despise it. Especially when it involves your best friend of 24 years leaving the United States of America to return to Scotland. During a rather late night out with friends in Scotland during the summer of 2005, Alisdair and I devised a plan for him to come to Texas for our senior year. A month later, he arrived with two bags, high socks and long “man-pris” (think capri pants). Graduation came, and Alisdair decided to make another move – this time, to Austin, where we were neighbors – also where he met his wife, Erica. After a total of seven years in the states, they have gathered their stuff and are heading back to the motherland – much to my grief. Feeling nostalgic, I pulled out the photo albums (from 1988 onwards!), and scanned some of my favorite pictures. There were literally hundreds and hundreds to choose from. Oh how I’ll miss that joyous face. Thank the good Lord for Skype!

In our primary school class in ’93 – wee five year old best friends! I’m row one, far left and Ali is row two, splitting center in navy.

Pool rats during a visit in ’97.


Ali’s 9th birthday – the first in the US!

One of many family photo sessions.

“It’s a brother and a sister kinda thing…”

Ali and Erica’s wedding in 2010.

My best, best, best friend.

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