A Very Serbian Weekend

October 8, 2012

On Saturday, after the Greek Festival, Sasha and I went to his aunt and uncle’s Slava, which is the Serbian Orthodox tradition of the ritual glorification of one’s family’s patron saint. There are a lot of religious traditions associated, like taking a spoonful of zjito (cake pictured below). The Slava cake represents Christ’s body, who was the Bread of Life. The wheat represents the resurrection of Christ.

On Sunday, we headed to Galveston for the Serbian Orthodox Church. Every week, Sasha and I attend Bayou City Fellowship, which is non-denominational. We’ve talked about going to the Serbian church for ages now, but haven’t actually done it until now. It was very different than BCF, but I enjoyed the experience. Sasha even acted as the bread bearer (pictured below). It was a beautiful, yet windy, day along the coast.

Mila (Sasha’s cousin’s daughter) is too, too, too cute.

The whole family – Bob, Ivana, Sasha, Belle, and Sandy


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