This year, McKenzie and I have gone to Denver, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Antigua, and NYC, and while on our trips, we Instagram… a lot. As we get ready to board our flight back to Houston, we’ll send each other all of the pictures from our phones (normally around 15). This is… well, slow – to say the least. I recently read about Capsule on 100 Layer Cake. It’s a brilliant idea. And it’s simple. You create an account, an event and then you get a “join code,” which you share with anyone else with whom you want to share pictures. When you Instagram the pictures, you use this code in the hashtag, and the pictures are automatically added to the joint folder, which you are able to access on the free CapsuleCam app (or on Instagram). From CapsuleCam, you can download pictures that others have added that you like. Voilร , the perfect travel (or event) photo share solution!

A collage of Portland pictures that would have been much easier if Shoua, McKenzie and I were using Capsule.

Oh well, there’s always a next time!


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