Today is our last day in Greek, and we were picked up early by Manos for a private tour of Corinth, which is about an hour and a half away from Athens. The drive west was absolutely breathtaking, as we followed the coast nearly the entire way. We stopped to take a picture at the Corinth Canal, then made our way to the Greek Orthodox Church of Corinth, where we went inside and witnessed a real Corinthian service. We’re going through the book of 1 Corinthians at Bayou City Fellowship right now, so I was nerding out the whole time. We drove through the city looking at ruins, then rode up to the top of the highest mountain where we walked through the fortress that protected the Corinthians for thousands of years. Next was the wine tastings – my favorite. Our favorite place was Palivou Estate, where the wine tasted like magic. We bought the biggest bottle (against my best traveling/luggage-weight-limit judgement) of their award winning Ammos Reserve. After the tastings, we went to the ruins of the Mycenaens. The cave we entered was built in the 12th CE B.C., which isย ancient. We headed for a late lunch after seeing the tomb of Agamemnon (in the movie Troy), then trekked back to Athens, winding along the water. Exhausted after lots of walking, we’re packing and getting ready for Paris, as our flight leaves at 6:45 AM. The City of Lights on Christmas Eve – my dream come true!DSC_1799

Sasha’s meal is cooking on the fire behind him…DSC_1765

I love this countryDSC_1769

Mycenaen ruins – built over 3,000 years ago

Because we were tired of regular, boring posesDSC_1758

Merry Christmas – we bought the barrelDSC_1745 DSC_1731 We had to stop the car because of sheep crossing…

Our favorite wine at Palivou Estate

Looking down on Agememnon’s cave at the bottomDSC_1718

Atop the Corinthian FortressDSC_1705 DSC_1706 DSC_1693

The Corinthian Church – loved experiencing this!DSC_1694 DSC_1683

The Corinth Canal

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