It’s January 8, 2013, and I still don’t have an agenda/planner yet. Cue me being all over the place with my calendar – I had to reschedule a reunion with friends twice because I forgot about a wedding I was supposed to attend and the “meet-my-younger-sister’s-boyfriend” dinner. Then there was Serbian Christmas celebrations – whoops, almost missed that too. I decided that it was time to get to work and make the big, belated decision: which planner do I go with? Thank goodness for McKenzie being paper-savvy and Oh So Beautiful Paper’s roundup here.

Last week, McKenzie ordered this Russell + Hazel planner, which is gorgeous. I saw it this morning for the first time and fell in love.


Other options:

1) While I was at the University of Texas, I rocked the momAgenda (like any cool college kid should).

2) McKenzie had a Cavallini planner last year – which was a gorgeously colored leather book, but I wanted to try something a little different.

3) Letter C is a kraft-paper-lover/organization freak’s haven. Check out their collection of calendars.

And then the analysis paralysis hits: there are so many good options. What do I choose? After reading this post on Oh So Beautiful Paper, I was sold. Laurel Denise it is! I went with the gold version of the planner below. I cannot wait for it to arrive.


Laurel-Denise-2013-Planner7-550x365 (1)


Featured image from here.


  1. Your iPhone called, she said she feels neglected. Oh also, she wants you to know that she works REALLY well as a calendar. She even has apps for reminders! They’ll even BUZZ you when it’s time to do something. CRAZY! 🙂

    Anyway, even though your iPhone is going to be jealous, I think the new planner is amazing.

    (Is it weird that I am speaking for an inanimate object? nah.)

    • Bahaha, this is my favorite comment to date. Trust me, my iPhone is so bogged down with Accenture meeting alerts, I cannot add my real life details there too. Every time I hear that dreaded ‘Beep’ my stomach drops. That should not be the case for lunch with the ENABLE crew! When are you moving to Texas?

  2. I would love to see a post on all the features of the planner! It is super cute and you may have just introduced me to my next agenda! Lol.

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