There has been a lot of action taking place at The Manor recently. The front wall was taken down; the exterior, painted; the bathrooms, retiled with new cabinets; the living room, new lights and fireplace. A new bar was built, new granite and tile put into the kitchen, a new closet built for the master, and new shelves in the laundry room. There’s a lot of work left though, like the wood floors being installed, the TV being mounted above the fireplace, kitchen cabinets painted (along with the entire interior), mirrors and blinds installed, and the ice machine and wine cooler plugged into the bar. Then there’s decorating! We’ve got the couches and an idea for the entryway, but there’s a lot of design decisions to be made. Progress pictures here and original demolition pictures here. Stay tuned for more to come!Manor_Old_New2


    • thanks mara!! it’s tested my patience for sure, but i’m excited to see it all done within the next month. will you be flying in for the new home party – the drive is just too long 😉

  1. Ailee! This is look amazing! The Sasha’s are quite the decorators! Loving all the updates, the new entrance and the bathroom look great! Cannot believe the speed with which these guys are working! What is Sasha telling them? haha… Cannot wait to see it!!!

    Mara – I agree, you need to come to Houston!

    • Paola – I love how we are “The Sasha’s” 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comments and for reading – you know I love you, mi amor! Ha, do you want to come over and help paint? He’s about to call to ask you… kidding, kidding. Let’s peer pressure Mara into coming.

  2. Um, wow! I can’t believe how fast this is happening. And that you are in the middle of such an adult renovation. Haha. I am so excited for you and the house. Are you working in Houston right now? Will you get to enjoy your place?

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