As expressed here, I’m a pretty simple hair gal (which translates into: I cannot even braid my own hair!). In fact, while I have never made New Year resolutions in the past, I decided that this year, I would make it a point to be able to style me own hair – and with thanks to The Beauty Department (Lauren Conrad’s amazing team), I’m going to learn how to do this. I’ve been looking at different hair styles for the wedding day, but everything seems too frou-frou for me. I finally found a few pictures on Taylor Lord and Ryan Ray‘s wedding portfolios and love them. Loose curls, unique braids – nothing say summer Napa nuptials better!

PS The image is pulled from my wedding look book that I made… I’ll share piece by piece, but don’t want to ruin the big day! It’s a pretty massive document.

Featured image via Ryan Ray (my wedding photographer – so excited!)


  1. Speaking of pinterest, I just had to pin that bun / braid thing. I LOVE it. And I don’t know a thing about doing my hair. Your wedding is going to be AMAZING. A-mazing. Also, please teach me how to add these awesome collages to my blog. And also, maybe just get staffed in Chicago next? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, Chicago is just about the only city I’d go to. And San Fran – that too. We are both hair clueless… but somehow yours always looks chic and stylish. Maybe I’ll cut mine after the wedding??? Could be interesting. The bun/braid is so great – The Beauty Department is addicting. I’ll definitely show you about the collages – you have Photoshop, right?

    • Congratulations! I’m so glad to help with the inspiration – I just finished putting together a wedding look book (in PowerPoint of all things) and it has totally relieved lots of stress. Happy to email that, if it would be helpful. I love your blog btw!

      • Thank u! The wedding look book sounds great! If u don’t mind sharing, plz email it at By the way, thanks so much for the nice “welcome”, I’m new to the blogging scene and ur comments have been so supportive and have really made this newbie very happy. Also I must say, the pictures you have here are absolutely breathtaking – i’m considering taking up photography classes just to be able to post food pics! anyway I babble – looking forward to seeing your wedding book (and pics soon hopefully!)

        • ooh, yes – photography classes can never go wrong! im on the constant lookout for more on groupon! keep on posting ๐Ÿ™‚ sending you an email now. xox

  2. I loved looking at hair ideas before the wedding. I actually love doing my own hair, but I knew my nerves and excitement would just be too crazy to do it myself that that. I loved my hairstyle… and it was hilarious at the end of the night when I collapsed and made David help me take out about 100 bobbypins. I think the styles you have are gorgeous. Keep sharing everything with us! Loving it. xo

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