Just a Lick of Paint

January 27, 2013

I walked into The Manor yesterday with McKenzie, and I was tickled pink. It was the first time that I’d see the new paint on the walls, and although they have 1-2 coats left, I am so excited about the progress. The wood floors, faucets, dishwasher, wine cooler, and ice machine go in this week, and I cannot wait to see what it looks like after that. Getting much closer to the finish line… More before and afters of the kitchen, study, master bath, living room and entryway below! Previous progress posts filed under the Decor category above.

Designed after seeing this picture.DSC_0683DSC_0423DSC_0660photo 2 (10)The front door needs at least two more paint coats – but that’s our new front entryway!DSC_0674photo 1 (11)You can see where the Maxwell couches will go!

0 thoughts on “Just a Lick of Paint

  1. Melissa Adler

    Love that you painted all the dark wood white. It really brightens the space and makes it so chic & calming. The kitchen is to die for!! You must be getting so excited. How long until you get to actually move in?!

    1. aileesemple

      Thank you! I agree – it’s a very bright kitchen. I think Sasha was taken aback by the lemon yellow at first but he has warmed up to it 🙂 He’ll move into the house in March and I’ll move in after the wedding in July.

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