Ages ago (okay, maybe it was in August – time flies!), I saw the most creative ‘I’ve Moved’ card (if you could call it that). I fell in love – not only because I love maps, but also with the neon pink. What a creative idea! (thoughts continue below)Neon-Map-Creative-Moving-Announcement-Cristina-Pandol-550x359



While browsing Oh So Beautiful Paper, I saw Cristina’s home warming party invitation, and I am officially obsessed. With all the work that’s taking place to The Manor, it’s going to be ages before our house is “pretty party ready.” However, Sasha and I already talk at great lengths about throwing fรชtesย for every little occasion. The idea of having a party while the house is still ‘Under Construction’ is great – it removes a lot of the stress of making sure everything looks gorgeous. This is most probably going to be replicated in the following months.







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