As I’ve mentioned many times before on the blog, my best friend, McKenzie, is one of the coolest people I know. One day she comes home with a fancy gold and white book, which she excitedly proclaims is one of the Penguin Classics in the Fitzgerald series that Coralie Bickford-Smith designed. I “ooohed” and “ahhhed” appropriately (as it really was gorgeous), then had to ask: “Who, exactly, is Coralie Bickford-Smith?” (I’m so out of the loop) In that moment, my eyes were opened!

Coralie’s clothbound Penguin (where she works) Classics covers have gotten global attention – for the right reasons. I love all of the beautiful books, and naturally, had to order six (for starters) for The Manor. I cannot wait for them to arrive! They will be a great addition to our Sloane bookcases from Crate and Barrel. Eeps! Anxiously awaiting Amazon boxes.

PS Check out her interview on Design Sponge here!


  1. 1. I need “a manor” (or just a big(ger) house)
    2. I need those books for my new bookshelves that will go in my new dream home.

    • 1. the house definitely is not big – that would make the “manor” part much less ironic/funny
      2. i bet your home is absolutely gorgeous
      3. you do need the books regardless of the space!!!

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