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February 7, 2013

tumblr_mhslbh0UGw1qdxkdzo1_500_largeI read the same blogs every night (or at least on the days when I don’t crash into my pillow!). I watch zero TV every week, so these sites are my entertainment and inspiration. I love to read the following:

Atlantic Pacific: Could Blair be any cooler? The answer is no.
Gal Meets Glam: Beautiful photos, beautiful clothes, beautiful blogger. The trifecta.
Could I Have That?: Samantha reminds me of what Lindsey Lohan could have been. Sigh.
The Pink Peonies: A J. Crew lover’s eye-candy. 
Karla’s Closet: I want Karla’s closet.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: Meeting Emily was such a cool moment. She’s my style hero.
Design Love Fest: I want to be this design-saavy so badly.
Sequins and Stripes: Liz might be the sweetest person I’ve never met.
Stripes and Sequins: Grace is so cool. I mean, so cool. And crafty to boot!
Buckets and Bunches: I’ve only met Chelsea once but I feel like we are still besties. 
vmac + cheese: Victoria exudes style and grace.
A Piece of Toast blog: These girls! This is a must-read.
Oh So Beautiful Paper: For the stationary obsessed.
Fourth Lake: My best friend/MOH just gets it. And finds amazing pictures.
The Beauty Department: I want to learn all of these tricks.

In my yearning to be among the beauty of NYFW, I was scouring the IFB Conference site and saw the list of speakers, many of whom I hadn’t heard of before. I immediately went to their sites and am tickled – new blogs to follow? Yes, please. I’m obviously way behind, but if you haven’t looked at these, you should.

On the Racks
Meg Biram
Style Bubble
Sous Style

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  1. michelenatalie

    I love this. I will definitely be checking out all these blogs as I’m always on the hunt for new reads. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I also was wondering if I could pick your brain about how you set up your whole blog. [How to get a domain and whatnot] I just didn’t find a contact section on your blog. Please let me know if you could help me out a little bit 😀 I’m itching to get into DAILY blogging but I find I’m just not pleased with the set up of my blog and yours is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! 🙂


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