tumblr_mhslbh0UGw1qdxkdzo1_500_largeI read the same blogs every night (or at least on the days when I don’t crash into my pillow!). I watch zero TV every week, so these sites are my entertainment and inspiration. I love to read the following:

Atlantic Pacific: Could Blair be any cooler? The answer is no.
Gal Meets Glam: Beautiful photos, beautiful clothes, beautiful blogger. The trifecta.
Could I Have That?: Samantha reminds me of what Lindsey Lohan could have been. Sigh.
The Pink Peonies: A J. Crew lover’s eye-candy. 
Karla’s Closet: I want Karla’s closet.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: Meeting Emily was such a cool moment. She’s my style hero.
Design Love Fest: I want to be this design-saavy so badly.
Sequins and Stripes: Liz might be the sweetest person I’ve never met.
Stripes and Sequins: Grace is so cool. I mean, so cool. And crafty to boot!
Buckets and Bunches: I’ve only met Chelsea once but I feel like we are still besties. 
vmac + cheese: Victoria exudes style and grace.
A Piece of Toast blog: These girls! This is a must-read.
Oh So Beautiful Paper: For the stationary obsessed.
Fourth Lake: My best friend/MOH just gets it. And finds amazing pictures.
The Beauty Department: I want to learn all of these tricks.

In my yearning to be among the beauty of NYFW, I was scouring the IFB Conference site and saw the list of speakers, many of whom I hadn’t heard of before. I immediately went to their sites and am tickled – new blogs to follow? Yes, please. I’m obviously way behind, but if you haven’t looked at these, you should.

On the Racks
Meg Biram
Style Bubble
Sous Style


  1. Thanks for including me, sweets! This is a great list. Is it scary that there are only two or three on the list that I don’t follow? xo

    • You are so welcome – Buckets and Bunches is definitely one of my dailies! Ha, not scary – we are very similar!

  2. I love this. I will definitely be checking out all these blogs as I’m always on the hunt for new reads. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I also was wondering if I could pick your brain about how you set up your whole blog. [How to get a domain and whatnot] I just didn’t find a contact section on your blog. Please let me know if you could help me out a little bit 😀 I’m itching to get into DAILY blogging but I find I’m just not pleased with the set up of my blog and yours is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! 🙂

  3. I follow so many of these girls too, but I’ll definitely check out the others. Always looking for fresh reads 🙂

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