Warby Parker

March 26, 2013

Warby Parker, the TOMS of spectacles, are blowing up the blogosphere right now, with big features by some of my favorite blogs, namely Sequins and Stripes and A Piece of Toast. I recently spilled clear nail polish all over my one-year old pair of Prada frames (seriously kicking myself), so it’s time to get a new pair. Thank the good Lord above that Warby Parker frames are super affordable and that Ashley (proud mother of Pierson, featured yesterday) owns an optometry practice and is going to help me get lenses. I am trying to decide between the frames shown below. What are your favorites? I’m torn.


Typography and arrows found on vmac + cheese.

wilkie // thatchett // beckett // crosby

0 thoughts on “Warby Parker

  1. Mara

    you HAVE to try them on.
    they look so different on.
    I wear the Beckett – i feel like they’d be too big for you?
    have you loaded a headshot into the site and “tried them on”?

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