I got home late on Monday night from Boston, after spending the weekend there to site see, visit friends, and watch Georgia run the marathon. As you know by now, there were two bombs that went off around 2:50pm EST in the exact location our group had been standing at earlier in the day. I was on my way back to the finish line from the 21 mile marker and was super annoyed that we were stuck in the T, which was going to make us miss her (and potentially our flight). We got off at Arlington, and literally ran to Emily’s apartment at Dartmouth and Boylston (directly across from the finish). As we were on our way, people were frantically running the other way, many sobbing. All we heard was “bombs” and we saw smoke ahead of us in the direction we were going. The next five minutes were so scary – it’s a bit of a blur, but we saw Emily, ran full speed into her apartment, grabbed our bags, ran down the stairs, past throngs of police, medics, and firemen and five streets over until we found a cab. It wasn’t until we were in the car that the reality of the situation hit. There are countless people injured by the attack, and multiple confirmed dead. What a horrific chain of events.

Before the turn of events took place on Monday, our trip to New England had been really exciting (and cold!). Below are pictures from Saturday and Sunday. I’ll do a separate Marathon post soon.










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  1. that’s so crazy that you were there, and i’m so glad y’all were away from the danger. it does look really cold! i’d love to go to boston in the summer/fall. it’s on my list!

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