I love the work of Karine’s photographer, Laura Murray, and as I was perusing her blog, I discovered the most beautiful floor length BCBG white gown. Currently obsessed with buying white dresses, I thought – why not? I think this one will definitely make it into our engagement session. It’s almost $100 cheaper on Dillards.com than BCBG – find the Mara gownย hereย (and yes, it’ll make me think about you, Mara).






  1. Hi!!! YAY! SO flattered you posted some pics from my blog! YES, that dress was PERFECT for engagements!!!! They were such a cute and fun couple to photography. Ooo, can’t wait to see YOUR engagement pics from Ryan!

    • Of course – I had to! Your pictures are incredible!! I cannot wait to take the pictures – or to even meet Ryan. It’s crazy to email someone for so long without having met someone! Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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