The Perfect One-Piece

July 3, 2013


I have forever loved one-piece swimsuits. Not just due to the fact that I am very modest, but because I find them very sexy (even though they cover up more skin). Two of my favorite swimsuits ever are old one-pieces from Juicy Couture and Anthropologie, and I’m on the hunt for another one this year (much to the dismay of my fiancé). I’ve been scouring the internet, and these six are my favorite. I think I’m leaning towards the first and second suits – Mara Hoffman (I want everything) and J. Crew (40% off all swimsuits right now!).

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

featured image via fourthlake

0 thoughts on “The Perfect One-Piece

  1. Kris Tel

    I like one-pieces myself BUT I have a hard time finding one that fits!
    My daughter used to love going to the pool with me until I came out of the water with the melons hanging on the outside of my swimsuit….so we’re not going until I have a new swimsuit and one that fits!
    The problem with being tiny and slim but having a (naturally….just sayin’) big chest is that if the swimsuit fits on top it is the 70’s going on around the thighs.
    Or if the bottom fits then there is no room for my upper body. And the problem with bikinis is that the bigger the cup size the bigger the price tag….why?…is it the extra use of fabric ? I don’t get it!
    My fave of the above is number 1 but I have to wear one with cups so they get a little push you know:)

    1. aileesemple

      Tiny frames with larger chests sound like every man and woman’s dream! But I get that it can be annoying when looking for a swimsuit. If you go for a two piece, pick one with lots of attention on the bottoms – like ruffles or ties. That draws the attention away from the chest! Good luck with your search 🙂 xox

      1. Kris Tel

        Thank you:) A dream perhaps fpr those not having to carry them 🙂
        I do love bikinis from the 50’s, they have larger bottoms. Probably what I should be looking for:)

    2. Trish Buchan

      Figleaves are great for one pieces. They cater well of those of us who have a larger top! I’ve bought a few and found they fit well.


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