There is definitely no city in the world I love more than Paris. Growing up, it was always my dream to move there and spend my time strolling the bustling streets, speaking French with strangers, sipping coffee at a bijoux-cafe and wine on the Seine. In 2010, I got an internship in the City of Lights, and after a two week stint at the Cannes Film Festival, I made my way up north to Paris, where I spent the next three months adventuring (and blogging every day). I was fortunate enough to have one of my best friends, Andrew, also working there – by complete chance. We made a pact to adventure every single night – never to waste a moment in the most exciting city in the world. I honestly did not want to leave, so in 2010, after I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, I went back with my family. Again, in 2012, Sasha and I made our way to Paris, at the end of our vacation to Turkey and Greece. I genuinely think that being a tour guide in that city, which was once my home, is my favorite thing in the world. If you haven’t gone, you must. And when you go, I suggest you try some of my favorite things to do.


Best Falafel: L’As du Fallafel (Le Marais)

Best Mediterranean: Chez Marianne (Le Marais) and Beytouti (Hôtel-de-Ville)

Best Romantic Dinner: Le Cafe de l’Homme (Trocadéro)

Best Casual Dinner: Le Pause Cafe (Bastille)

Best Lunch Cafe: Cafe Le Buci (SaintGermaindesPrés) and Le Restaurant (Luxembourg)

Best Dinner with Views: Restaurant Georges (Hôtel-de-Ville)

Best Dinner for People Watching: Le Bonaparte (SaintGermaindesPrés)

Best Frozen Yogurt: MyBerry (Le Marais)



Best Coffee + People Watching: Les Deux Magots

Best Peaceful Coffee: Telescope Cafe

Best Smoothies: Le Paradis du Fruit



Best Neighborhood to Get Lost In: Le Marais

Best Walking Tours: Paris Walks

Best Boat Tours: Bateaux Mouches

Most Extravagent Gardens: Le Palace de Versaille

Best Peaceful Park: Les Jardins de Luxembourg

Best Views of the City: Sacre Coeur

Most Iconic: Eiffel Tower (obviously)

Most Gorgeous “Square”: Les Places des Vosges

Best Way to Get Around Town: Velib

Best Church: Eglise Saint Germain des Pres



Best Indoor Museum: L’Orangerie

Best (Mainly) Outdoor Museum: Rodin Museum



Best Boutiques: Le Comptoir de Cotonniers and Kookai

Best Department Shopping: BHV



Best Hotel: Hotel Bel-Ami



Best People Watching Bar: Le Petit Fer du Cheval

Favorite Night Activity: Drinking Wine on the Seine

Other Favorite Night Activity: Sitting on the Champs de Mars, watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle

Favorite Bridge To Sit on at Night: Pont des Arts


Some of my favorite pictures below from 2009, 2010 and 2012… time for another trip soon, especially as I’m reading The Paris Wife and am so nostalgic!

Andrew Arrives 012

L’Arc de Triomphe, 2009

Au Petit Fer a Cheval, MyBerry and Gelato 006

Le Petit Fer au Cheval (favorite bar!), 2009

Andrew and I on Steps of Sacre-Coeur_2

Sacre-Coeur, 2009

Me in the Gardens

Versailles Gardens, 2009OUTSID~1

Le Louvre, 2009

Dad Comes to Paris 016

Cars Rouges, 2009

Dad Comes to Paris 046

Chez Francis, 2009

Finally In Luxembourg Gardens

Le Jardin de Luxembourg, 2009
Me with Paris Plages

Paris Plages, 2009

Mom and I with Notre Dame

Notre-Dame, 2009


Le Creperie Suzette (love this wine bar), 2010


Eiffel Tower, 2010DSC_2272

La Duree, 2010DSC_2141

Le Paradis du Fruit, 2010DSC_2181

Montmartre, 2010DSC_2149

Hotel Bel-Ami, 2010DSC_1802

L’As du Fallafel, 2012


Notre-Dame, 2012


Le Louvre, 2012


Arc de Triomphe, 2012DSC_0005

Eiffel Tower, 2012

PS What a difference a camera makes! Glad I finally got my DSLR.

PPS Illustrated map of Paris via Rifle Paper Co (love it)


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