I love running. A lot. In fact, until I started my current project at BP where they have free personal trainers, it was pretty much all I did – 3 to 5 mile run, every day. Now I mix my workouts up and do 3 to 5 miles every second day, with weights and cross-fitness training on the alternating days. Working out is one of my favorite things to do, so I don’t mind spending a bit extra to get good quality exercise gear.

I love my new racerback Lululemon tank so much – I got it in that amazing pink. Their Energy Bra is the best I’ve ever worn. I stick with Nike shorts, as I like a little more coverage than Lulu provides. Nike tennis shoes work best for my pronating feet, and the Drymax socks keep your feet less sweaty than any other competitor.

Last, but not least – the Nike Fuel band. Our Accenture team at BP decided to participate in a fitness challenge recently, and the Partner on the account bought our team these amazing bands. I had been meaning to get a Fitbit for ages, and am now glad I didn’t. I’m fiercely competitive just with myself! I got home yesterday and walked both dogs separately to try to rack up “Fuel Points” and my steps. 15,000? That’s it? Keep going, keep going (a constant inner dialogue). How do you stay motivated?


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  1. I have those tanks in every color. I LOVE them. All I wear. I haven’t tried the sports bra. Glad to hear that you like the Fuel Band… have been thinking about getting a band (fitbit, jawbone, fuel) for awhile… i have the fitbit which i love. I have to tell myself that i worked out for 1.5 hours doing strength training on the days when I don’t get a good amount of steps… it’s a mind game – you know I love those 🙂

    • Ha – every color?? I need to go get more of them. The smell proof trait – not sure I’m sold on that… I knew you had the Fitbit – I wanted to get it too, but the SE paid, so Fuel is good with me!! 🙂 YES – strength training is sad for my Fuel points.

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