The Book of Mormon

This past Saturday, Sasha and I headed to The Book of Mormon at the Hobby Center in Houston, and it was a million times better than I even anticipated (and my expectations were high).

To start, the cast could not possibly have been more character appropriate. You believed that Elder Price really is predestined to be the best Mormon missionary ever, and that Elder Cunningham really is just a Star Wars loving slob. The singing and dancing was spot-on, with catchy tunes like Hello! and Hasa Diga Ebowai (disagree with the translation!!!). The plot was slightly predictable, but I’m willing to bet people go to The Book of Mormon for the laughs vs. plot twists. It is honestly hilarious. Sasha and I were in hysterics at some points, and had our jaws wide open at others (definitely not appropriate for young children).

While it is certainly not intended for Mormon audiences, it was very informative about the religion. I learned a ton of history during the play, and while a conversion is 100% not in my future, it is helping to educate people about the Mormon beliefs.

While on the topic of plays, I’m going to see Kinky Boots while in NYC in a month and a half. I’m so excited.

This nine-time Tony winner is currently touring the US – see the schedule here. It is most definitely worth it to buy a ticket!

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