hatchAs soon as I found out I was pregnant, I frantically started searching online for maternity clothes and pregnancy fashion blogs. I had no clue where to start! Shortly after I found out, J. Crew launched their line of maternity pants (still anxiously awaiting more selections!), and then found myself buying tons of blouses from Loft’s maternity line (love these so much). I officially retired my old jeans three weeks ago, and am hanging onto my J. Crew Cafe Capris for dear life (very little time left in those!). This has meant that I’ve been on the market for some fashionable work pants – which I found at J. Crew and Asos. I bought two pairs of J. Crew’sย J. Crew’s non-materity draped drawstring pants, which work well for my growing waistline, as well as two pairs of their maternity Minnie Pants. I also really like J. Crew’s white matchstick denim pants, but love my Hudson maternity jeans the most! These Asos floral camo pants could not be more comfortable – match them with a black blouse and they work for going out for dinner or going to the office.

As for dresses, I’ve been looking for empire waistlines or tunics and buying 2 to 3 sizes up to be cautious. Anthropologie has a great selection – I love this tan and coral tunic with my white matchstick denim.

Without a doubt, my favorite maternity line is Hatch Collection. After looking at their stuff non-stop for the last few weeks, I finally caved and bought this dress (in Ponte) and these shorts. I want to buy everything.

J. Crew, Loft, Asos, TopShop, H&M, Old Navy, Gap, Rachel Pally, Hatch Collectionย – know of any other fashionable maternity lines? Always looking for some new options, although I only have 12 weeks left! Here’s to hoping they fly by.

Some of my favorite recent purchases featured below – links at the bottom!


1) Loft, 2) Anthropologie, 3) Loft, 4) Loft, 5) Loft, 6) Anthropologie, 7) Anthropologie, 8) Anthropologie, 9) J. Crew, 10) J. Crew, 11) Hatch Collection, 12) Asos, 13) J. Crew, 14) Hudson

Top and featured image viaย Hatch Collection



  1. Sasha Petrovic Reply

    I’m a fan of #1 and for the record I don’t think #’s 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 13 are prego!

  2. hahaha love sasha’s comment! i was shopping the other day and realized i can only go up ONE size before i’ll need to be shopping at the plus-size stores. had to laugh when you said you’re going up 2-3 sizes! this is a great post. and i’m sure you look adorable in everything!! we need to get together soon so i can see that cute bump!

    • Okay, I honestly think you’re crazy!!!! You absolutely nowhere near plus sizes – I’ve now met you in person to say that definitively. We do need to get together soon – totally up for Dish Society brunch if you want to go!! xo

  3. Allison Godfrey Reply

    I love all of those Hatch outfits – I want to wear them all. I especially love #11!

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