Newborn Photos by Taylor Lord

March 27, 2014

It has been a back-and-forth conversation for the last few months – to do maternity pictures or not? Eventually, Sasha and I landed on doing newborn pictures vs. maternity, for a variety of reasons – namely because if we’re going to pay for photos, I want Isla to be in them as opposed to being inside my tummy! We are going to use one of my favorite photographers, Taylor Lord, for the shoot. I could look at her blog all day long. She posted these adorable newborn photos almost a year ago – I am obsessed. First, baby Henry is too cute, and second, how gorgeous is their house?? I’m anxious to meet (and hug!) Isla after looking at these again. 10.5 weeks left!









0 thoughts on “Newborn Photos by Taylor Lord

  1. MontgomeryFest

    yayy taylor! as soon as we got our wedding photos, I put in a request for our (way future) baby photos. hehe she is a complete doll – you’ll love her as much as her photog style! I have the same thought – if we can only do one shoot, I’d choose the family shoot. and I remember the baby shower photos for little Henry where they used that sign! can’t wait to see Miss Isla and your photos!!

    1. aileepetrovic

      Ha, I love that you already have your request in! It totally makes sense – she is incredible. You’re so sweet! I cannot wait for her to be here either (especially because I think her foot is lodged in my rib cage!).


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