I love Hillsong United so much (last referenced here). One of my favorite songs of all time is “Oceans” from their most recent CD. My friend, Brooke, sent me this live version, and I have watched it more times than I could count. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I listen to this song – “You’ve never failed, and You won’t start now.” What could be more encouraging than that? I highly recommend this song – whether you are religious or not.

I hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend. 2014 is one of the rare years when Serbian Easter and Protestant Easter align, so we are heading to Galveston to celebrate with Sasha’s family, then jetting back to spend the rest of the day with my family. What Easter traditions do you have?



  1. happy easter! i love that song, but never knew who sang it/what the real words are! i pretty much just listen to air one, and like everything. hope y’all have a great weekend! xx

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