Oh So Beautiful Paper is one of the four tabs that opens every time I launch Google Chrome. It’s the best way to start a day – but getting a daily dose of beautiful paper. Yesterday, I opened my browser and literally got 6 inches from my computer screen in order to gawk at these gorgeous pink and gold invitations (a color combination I declared my love for many moons ago). I made a note to save and post them the following day – then opened my browser hours late and fell in love all over again, this time taking a second to absorb details. “2132 White Oak Drive?” I thought to myself. Wait, I know where that is. Then I looked at the names on the invitations… Riley Conaway? She was the creative genius at Papellerie behind our wedding stationery, and I love her and her work! It only makes sense that she would design the most amazing floral wedding announcements (an elopement, how exciting!).

Congrats, Riley – a million times over!




Design and Calligraphy: Papellerie

Printing: Infovine

Photo Credits: Chelsea Davis Photography




  1. OMG Ailee you are SO cute. Just the sweetest girl ever. I am so happy to know you. Thank you!!!

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    Btw you should check out creature comforts. You might like it.


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