It’s my favorite time of year – pink peony season. I could not be more obsessed with these flowers – definitely my favorite by far (well, you can never go wrong with tulips and hydrangeas!). I love seeing them begin to pop up at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Central Market and other local flower shops. There is something about how full they are and their gorgeous variations of colors that just inspires me. I love them so much and would quite like a constant supply in my kitchen and living room! What is your favorite type of flower?

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  1. I would have had peonies for my bridal bouquet, but my florist could not commit that they will have the exact shade I wanted, so I settled for Ecuadorian roses. Not a big fan of typical red roses, but the ones I had for my wedding were so beautiful!

  2. ooooh pretty collage! i love pink peonies too! i’ve only splurged on them ONCE because they’re always so expensive. they were so worth it though. i’ll have to check out the ones at trader joe’s!

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