Happiest Father’s Day! This year, I am celebrating for two special men in my life – my dad and my husband! Sasha has had a busy 10 days with the Isla’s birth, his birthday and now his first Father’s Day. Isla got him a few little gifts, but he won’t get to open them until we go to my parent’s house at noon for brunch. Sasha is basking in the joys of being a father – he especially loves having her sleep on his chest. I have about 10 pictures of this. When I try to have her fall asleep on my chest, she smells milk and immediately begins trying to eat my shirt (ha!). I am so grateful for my dad. He has always been my role model, and I love him so much. He is loving the new role as ‘Papa.’ My parents stopped by yesterday for just 15 minutes for some quick cuddle time with Isla. I hope you enjoy this special day!

 Some of my favorite Sasha and Isla moments


Some of my favorite Dad moments




  1. Okay, Ailee. These photos of Sasha and Isla are seriously adorable! Isn’t it funny how men tend to soften up when it comes to babies? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am always fascinated by this. 🙂

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