For the month leading up to Isla’s birth, Sasha asked me what I wanted for a ‘push present.’ I thought the idea of gifting your wife for delivering your child seemed kind of bizarre – it’s not like men have the option! I told him time and time again (semi-jokingly) that I wanted this elephant from Baby & Child. He refused.

After Isla was born (and the chaos died down), Sasha handed me a small jewelry box and explained that this gift was to commemorate this special moment (not a ‘thank you’). I opened the box and started crying – my first set of pearl earrings. Isla was born on June 4, and her birthstone is pearl. I love them so much and have literally worn them every day since she was born (13 to be exact).

What are your thoughts on push presents?
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  1. So thoughtful and sweet. I like how he phrased it, a commemoration. That seems about right. I love the gift and am checking in for baby news every day! xo

  2. You totally deserve a “push present”, Ailee. Your husband is so sweet and thoughtful for getting you a pair of pearl earrings in honor of your first born. 🙂

  3. SASHA!!! So.Sweet. Can we meet soon because this is weird that I write comments to you and we haven’t met, and you don’t technically blog.

    In this case, I like the push present. My dad bought my mom a Cadillac when my sister was born (she traded it in immediately) and a Ford Bronco when I was born (she wrecked it immediately). I’m kind of with you, it’s a little weird if the sentimental value isn’t there.

    In other news, I bought a smaller version of that elephant and the elephant infant gift set for my sister-in-law (they’re not finding out the sex and the nursery colors are grey). I just about died when it got here because it’s all so adorable. You know what E said? “Roll Tide.” Then rolled his eyes! I bought a ‘bama gift for an Auburn fan.

    This warranted an email.

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