Isla has mixed feelings about bath time. We bathe her around 5:45pm, then feed her from 6-6:45 every night. She’s typically pretty fussy leading up to the bath, but when that diaper comes off, it’s wail time. Once she’s physically in the warm water, she’s happy as can be, but when she leaves the heat and is back in the air conditioned bathroom, she loses her marbles. I’ve learned that the fastest way to soothe her is to put her immediately in a warm, footed onesie – something we didn’t have many of when she was born. Her entire newborn-sized wardrobe went from about 4 onesies to nearly 14 outfits, and is expanding this week by a number of Carter’s “pjs,” as we’ll need them when we head to Durango in a few weeks (still cool at night!). She is growing quickly, and I imagine she won’t be in the newborn clothing for many more weeks, so I ordered some 0-3 month sizes too. I love Carter’s clothing – almost as much as Baby Gap! Her new outfits are below – my favorite is the floral footed onesie on the bottom left. Which do you like the most?


Top Row: 1 // 2 // 3

Middle Row: 1 // 2 // 3

Bottom Row: 1 // 2 // 3



  1. I’ve really been liking them too! Did you know there’s no return policy as long as you have a receipt? So if you buy newborn and she never wears it (tags are on), you can return it in a year if you want – with a receipt.

    • I need that! That’s perfect. Maybe I’ll keep them for baby #2 in a couple of years and if it’s not a girl… Return them? How in the world do they keep inventory??

  2. cute! my nephew is the same way. except bath time and dinner are switched. they get to be pretty messy eaters, so it’s easy to just dunk them in the tub after dinner. i think it’s so awesome that y’all are going to durango for a couple months!

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