I love customizing IKEA pieces, because they are typically very affordable and come in standard colors, begging for some creativity. We added Anthropologie knobs to the IKEA dresser in Isla’s room – a simple touch to make it look a little fancier. When I came across Joy Cho’s (of Oh Joy) kitchen cabinets on Glitter Guide, I fell in love with the toekick. These cabinets are a DIY – and one of my favorites so far. They are the Pax Unit cabinets in white – the DIY steps are in the post here and shown in the photos below. Have you ever renovated or customized a piece of furniture?








  1. Julia Carlson Reply

    These cabinets are great! I really like what you did with them. It adds just a little pop of color. I want to do this with my kitchen cabinets. I think it would add a nice focal point to my pretty bland kitchen. http://www.canlikkitchens.net/

  2. Bryan Flake Reply

    My wife wants a new oven and dishwasher set. We know the one she wants. Sadly for me, I need to figure out how to tear out a row of drawers and extend the space for the oven. Has anyone out there done such a project? What tools did you use?


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