Isla’s Newborn Photos by Taylor Lord

August 1, 2014

When the doorbell rang yesterday, and Sasha came into the living room with a package, I freaked out. Isla’s newborn photos had arrived from Taylor Lord. We opened them, read Taylor’s sweet letter and immediately started looking at each photo, one by one. I love them so much. Taylor captured our happiness and Isla’s sweetness perfectly. I am absolutely terrible at editing down photos, so pardon the large number of pictures in this post, but I had to share my favorites. I love this little girl so much, and I am so happy that the Lord blessed Taylor with such an incredible talent. View Taylor’s website here and her blog here. View details about Isla’s nursery here.

PS We took these over a month ago – Isla is so much bigger by now! It’s crazy how fast they grow.

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Baby Isla-013



Baby Isla-116



Baby Isla-048




Baby Isla-077



Baby Isla-063



Baby Isla-074



Baby Isla-111


Baby Isla-070



Baby Isla-084



Baby Isla-116



0 thoughts on “Isla’s Newborn Photos by Taylor Lord

  1. MontgomeryFest

    they’re here! they’re here! GORGEOUS. all of it. the photography and you are just a family of stunners and Miss Isla’s head of hair!

  2. Jae

    She looks a lot like you, Ailee! How’s being a first-time Mom? :)

    By the way, I have moved out of WordPress, but it’s still SCATTERBRAIN. I hope you can drop by!

    1. aileepetrovic

      Thank you! She’s just older than 8 weeks now, and I like it more and more every day. The first two months were very tiring! The new blog looks absolutely amazing!! What host are you using?

      1. Jae

        Has it been 8 weeks since?!

        Thank you!! It’s not as functional as WordPress, but the UI is cleaner. I’m now on Squarespace platform.

        1. aileepetrovic

          Yes! It’s seriously crazy. And I’ve heard that! My friend, Christie, just made the switch too. I’m considering it!

          1. Jae

            It’s not as functional as WordPress, though, and I’ve noticed my readership went down dramatically since I switched. Perhaps people still prefer following via WordPress, I don’t know. :(

  3. Rachael Ferguson

    Ailee & Sasha – Isla is so incredibly gorgeous (she does have great genes, after all)! I absolutely love all of these pictures, as they capture the love & happiness you all share so perfectly. I have been reading every one of your blog posts, Ailee, since you posted the link on Facebook, & each one is so well written & entertaining. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts, & I would love to meet Isla some day. You guys are such a stunning family, full of people who are beautiful both inside & out :)

    1. aileepetrovic

      Rachael, You are too sweet!! Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed reading through. I can’t wait for you and Isla to meet when we’re back. xo

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