Whew – what a week! It ended on a rather low point – mastitis (again!). Mastitis is a breast tissue infection that, quite frankly, sucks. I had it for the first time 6 days after Isla was born (on Sasha’s birthday!). This time, I was able to identify it early, as I knew those flu-like symptoms weren’t the flu! Thankfully, we got medicine very quickly and started the antibiotics, and I’m feeling much better.

Besides mastitis, the week was wonderful. Kirby, one of my best friends, was in town for a wedding, so we got to spend most of the day together on Friday and had a quick little visit on Sunday. Sweet Lillian is just gorgeous! See photos of their last two play adventures here and here.

Other highlights include:

How was your week? Tell me about it in the comments!

islaweekThe sass.DSC_0911Ugh, over this.islaweek2DSC_0897Obsessed with her toes.islaweek3DSC_0947Ahhhh! Scary movie face has been perfected.islaweek5DSC_1015Best friends who head butt.lillianDSC_1064Business in the front, party in the back… introducing the mullet!islaweek5Finally! Someone who thinks I’m funny.DSC_0956commonbondIt lived up to all of the hype!DSC_0089isla10Isla loving on her Tetka (Serbian word for Aunt) KristinaIMG_0503These two…isla11Trying out our new BABYBJORN high chair (more to come later – love!) // Spring Valley fall festival


  1. OK, so much to say. Mastitis AGAIN? Ailee. Ugh. So sorry, that stinks!
    Isla is looking so big lately!! Smiley and happy – love it! That high chair… amazeballs.
    Please explain Christmas in October – you’re making me jittery, it’s not even Thanksgiving.
    I want to see your crafts!!!
    I want Isla and Simon to head butt. I mean, not really, but that picture is adorable and we need to recreate with Simon and Isla :).

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