Growing up, there was only one ‘gadget guy’ in my life – my dad. He has always been on top of the newest technology, and I think when he added sons-in-law to his family, this was an important criterion for him. So now there are lots of gadget-guys in my life, and I really like it (less research for me to do!).

Creating this gift guide was very humorous, as it involved a FaceTime session with my dad, and the men were just shouting out cool gadgets that came to mind. Then there was internet research, and more idea yelling. I feel very confident that this gift guide covers the coolest gadgets for 2014. It also involves some explanation, as I had no idea what half of these products were!Here are some basic explanations:

iRobot Roomba: Using patented cleaning technologies, the Roomba vacuums the entire floor, including hard-to-reach spots under furniture – without you having to follow it. I remember reading about the Roomba in college and thought it seemed ridiculous, but I really want one now! They get great reviews.

Garmin Running Watch: One of the most accurate distance watches out there – this is perfect for someone training for a race (or just an avid runner).

Parrot Drone: After much drone discussion, my dad and Sasha agreed this is the most realistic one to put on a holiday wish list. The Parrot Drone is the most wallet-friendly of the drone options. It flies indoors and outdoors and is controlled by a mobile device. After seeing this Amazon drone video, I totally understand this is our future.

Philips Vacuum Razor: I need Sasha to get this. The razor shaves, then voila, there is also a vacuum to suck all of the hairs away. We have his-and-hers sinks, but I would still like his beard hairs to be suctioned away as he shaved! This was definitely invented by a female.

GoPro Hero: Sasha and I bought my dad a GoPro Hero last Christmas, and ohmygosh, the video that have been created are just too funny. My little sister, Jill, and her boyfriend, Kevin, took the world’s best kayaking video this summer in Durango. Every man needs a GoPro. I strongly believe this.

Apple Wireless Keyboard: This post is brought to you by the Apple wireless keyboard. Sasha and I both have them, and it’s amazing. I honestly cannot imagine have a wired keyboard now (which is a total diva comment, I get it). I personally recommend this gadget!

Beats Wireless Headphones: These wireless headphones look pretty darn serious. I hate wires, so actually think I would enjoy using these (as a non gadget-gal). The unique folding design makes these headphones perfect for packing up into your luggage or purse. What’s best is that you can switch easily between songs and incoming calls with the matching in-line control and mic. Pretty cool, right?

Belkin Wemo Wifi Lights: My dad is very proud of the fact he can control his lights with the Wemo app. You plug the Wemo into your lamp, fan, stereo, etc., and you can turn lights on and off with your mobile device.

Epson PictureMate Photo Printer: The printer has a 7″ LCD screen so you can see the image before you print it. You can edit, add effects, crop and set the print size directly on this screen. It can print photos right after youve taken them. The USB port lets you connect it to a computer, thumb drive or digital camera. It comes with a remote control, color ink cartridge and a power cord.

Nest Thermostat: This is my favorite, because we have a Nest thermostat and I love it! These sleek thermostats are easy to operate and adjustable by your iPad or iPhone. This is only bad because Sasha adjusts the temperature at the house while he is at the office!

Apple Router: We also have this router, and Sasha brags to everyone we know about how fast our internet is. He will proudly pull up a website to perform a speed test to back up his claim. Wow. Any gadget guy needs one of these!

Misfit Shine Activity Monitor:  Shine is an elegant activity and sleep tracker that  emits a halo of lights that show progress toward your daily activity goal. Shine’s long-lasting battery and automatic wireless syncing mean you’ll spend less time plugging in and more time moving. You can use the Shine app to set an activity goal and track running, cycling, swimming and more. Shine also automatically measures deep and light sleep so you can get all-day insights. The monitor can be worn on a number of different tracking devices (watch, necklace, clasp, etc.).


  1. I’ll take one of each please 🙂

    I really love our Nest and have the Garmin watch on this years wish list.

    • My brother loves the Nest too. And the wireless keyboard. Do you know much about the Shine? I need to do some research because it sounds pretty cool. Good list!

      • AileePetrovic Reply

        I want to meet your brother! Is he coming to Houston too? Please say you are coming. And I’ve done a bit of research and think I’m adding it to my list – I read Jessica’s comment (see below) and watched the video. It looks legit!

  2. My husband has the Nest on his list! I’m also interested in the Shine. I enjoy swimming and looks so cool on the wrist band. Have you watched the video on the site? I may need to get one of those.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Looks like men love the Nest! I watched the video after reading your comment – I really, really need it now!!

  3. nest is on MY wishlist too! but seriously, i love the gopro idea and the vacuum razor. brilliant!

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