I’m very excited about going Christmas gift shopping and know that I need to get started now, as it inevitably takes longer than anticipated. Our family and friends are a good mixture of technology geeks, travel lovers, girly girls, hostesses, outdoorsy types, and music and art collectors (and others!). I love picking out creative presents for each individual, but know that takes a lot of time, so I’m going to help you this Christmas season with a series of gift guides! 

I’m making shopping even easier, as you will be able to click on the items directly in the gift guide to purchase the present. It’s really that easy.

Today, I am starting off the series with my favorite category: the travel lover (hey, family and friends, that’s me!). I would love all of these items. I think that the Neighborwoods coasters are really unique! I’ve also had the Fuji Instax camera on my list ever since Julia Engel talked about it here. The Bose headphones are a must for any plane travel, as is the Evian Water Spray. It may sound ridiculous to buy water that costs that much, but if Eva Chen swears by it, who is to say it doesn’t work?

What other items would you add to the travel lover guide?


  1. Ohh, I want that camera too! I used to love polaroids. Great collection of gifts. Cannot wait for Christmas!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      I did too! I never had a polaroid camera, but feel I need one.

  2. We have those Vino2Go cups! We got them at a baby shower and I think they’re amazing. I’ve never seen those coasters before – great gift idea.

  3. Great list! They have those same type wine tumblers at the dollar tree! I bought a bunch for a bachelorette and added everyone’s monogram. I have them and the nicer ones and the only real difference is the quality of the lid. I wouldn’t give them as a gift but fun for entertaining.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Do they really?? I need to go to the Dollar Tree then! Good to know – thank you. And great idea for a bachelorette brunch!

  4. Pottery Barn has some really cute travel notebooks. I feel like I always need a little notebook when I travel! I am DONE with my Christmas shopping + everything is wrapped!!


    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ah, you need to give me all of your insights! Yes! I love a good travel notebook. Great idea!

      WAIT, what?? DONE?

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