On Tuesday, I posted a Valentine’s Day gift guide for the ladies, and today, I’m sharing some suggestions for what to buy your man. When I asked Sasha what men want for Valentine’s Day, he replied, “Nothing.” Typical.

However, some men are not quite as frugal as my Mr. Romantic, and if the love of your life falls into this category, I’ve got some gift recommendations for you. They are all relatively inexpensive too!

For the well-groomed man, I would buy Chanel Allure After Shave Lotion ($55, and swoon… it smells like heaven) or the cheaper option – Prospector Co. Brummell Shave Creme from J. Crew ($18).

For a dapper man, get him this stylish silk bowtie ($15) or these cufflinks from J. Crew Factory ($15). You could also splurge a bit and get him this gorgeous gold Jack Spade watch ($278 – what I’d buy Sasha if he wasn’t so budget conscious!).

For the trendy gent who doesn’t already own white Converse ($45) or classic Raybans ($150), what are you waiting for? You can also get him some colorful socks ($5) and Valentine’s boxers ($22).

For a man who appreciates his meat, get him these fancy steak knifes ($98 – from Anthropologie nonetheless!).

For a travel lover, he needs a Herschel duffle. I am obsessed with these, and for $80, I’d say all men on-the-go should have one.

Last but not least – for every man, get a Soda Stream ($150). We use ours all of the time. It is so nice to have carbonated water at the touch of a button. And saves money too! No more Perrier bottles for us!

What have I missed? Have you already purchased a gift for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!



  1. Pretty sure I know what most men are looking to get on Valentine’s Day! 😉 I love your gift guides, Ailee. And you! xoxoxox

  2. Love that bowtie and watch! Lots of good items at a decent price. Thanks for sharing, Ailee!

  3. I LOVE a man in white converses. And I love mine. We have a Soda Stream too and I cannot imagine life without it now.

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