One of my favorite new trends in the world of typography (a world I care all too much for), is watercolor calligraphy. I follow Lauren ofย @AFabulousFete on Instagram, and her prints are my absolute favorite. I love how the colors change over the course of the stroke from light to dark, which is beautifully matched with the varying thickness of the letters. There is a lot of gorgeous inspiration on the internet, and I’ve been motivated to give it a try as well!

Lauren posted the tools needed hereย on her blog, and I’ve ordered the brushes and plan on giving it a try. I am nerdily excited. Have you been noticing this trend too? Have you tried it?

Here are some of my favorite pieces of inspiration by various calligraphers. All photos are linked to their source site.

Happy Tuesday and Serbian Christmas Eve! We are heading to church tonight to celebrate for the second time. Having a multicultural family has its perks!

watercolor5 Frozen-Cocktail-Party-Inspiration-Sweet-Root-Village-OSBP-198watercolor3written-word-calligraphy-vancouver-calligrapher-30-2-800x532Garden-Calligraphed-Wedding-Invitations-Hazel-Wonderland-550x374watercolor2Floral-Calligraphy-Vow-Renewal-Invitations-Stationery-Bakery2Floral-Calligraphy-Vow-Renewal-Invitations-Stationery-Bakery7watercolor1


  1. i love the addressed envelope, but all are gorgeous.
    you can totally do this. and when you do, i look forward to watercolor mail :).

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      I love it too!!! Oh gosh, I need practice. It’s harder than it looks haha. But yes, I will definitely be sending you watercolor mail when I get it down. xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ah, yes she does!! And I haven’t!!! What is the name of it? I can’t see it!

  2. I badly want to learn the technicalities of calligraphy! Can you please teach me in the not-so-near future?!

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