Finally – sunshine in Houston! I can barely believe it – the past few days have been unbelievably beautiful, which is much-needed after a month of overcast skies. Given the change in temperature, Sasha and I spent much of the weekend outdoors, getting the house ready for the wedding shower that we’re hosting next weekend. Sasha is amazing, and he drilled holes and hung strung lights (six sets of these ones!) in our backyard for many hours on Sunday. I took care of well-overdue re-planting (all the plants I planted in the spring died) in our front entryway (see photo below!).

Some of the other highlights from this week include:

  • Catching up with two of my favorite co-workers over dinner at True Food Kitchen
  • Meeting with Amy of Eco Modern Concierge to discuss an organization project
  • Receiving the final pieces of Amanda’s wedding invitations – cannot wait to put it all together (and share details!)
  • Recording a vlog that I’ll share with you in a few weeks
  • Receiving the world’s cutest Janie and Jack outfit (that red bow!) from Jenny of Jenny Journey – the girl has style, let’s be honest here!
  • Taking photographs for Feather Thread – a fashion blog that is launching in February (two more sneak peek photos below!)
  • Wandering around Over the Top Linen and ordering the cutest runners and table cloths for the wedding shower
  • Having my older sister over for dinner on Saturday and playing gin rummy (and winning for the first time in ages) – we drank this Chandon sparkling red that we bought in Napa and it’s seriously my favorite drink of all time
  • Eating my favorite salad – the Insalata Fiorucci from The Original Carabbas on Voss – not once, but twice (food heaven)
  • Having both my dad and Sasha’s dad over to play with Isla and snapping cute moments of her with her granddads
  • Allowing Isla to nap in my arms once or twice, as she has a cold and needs extra mom-loving (so I tell myself)
  • Branching out into new foods, like broccoli, prunes and (sob!) chicken – Sasha insists, while I want her to be a vegetarian! I’ll pay someone to find research that giving babies meat is bad!

How was your week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


Lastly, congratulations to Courtney Carlton, who won the ‘Best Baby Items on Etsy‘ giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you order some of these items today! You won’t regret it!

review6DSC_1067week1DSC_0712reivew8week2Getting practice walking with her Hape Wonder Walker and being a trooper in the cold 40 degree weather with her By George Baby Boutique teether!IMG_3625Should probably take down the wreath now, right?week3week5DSC_0987review6reivew6IMG_3468First time to drive a car!review3And my heart meltsreview7Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetreview9


  1. Ok, that’s it, I’m stone cold in love with your family. So much sweetness and energy and good looks, to boot! Thank you for sharing it all with the world, so fun to watch baby Isla growing and exploring. Your home is lovely and you are a force. Happy Monday, boo!

    p.s. I heart bedhead. Hard.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Hugs. Lots of them. You’re so sweet. I love your comments. And I wish bedhead looked as good on me as it does on Isla!!!

  2. I laughed out loud at the photo of Isla driving the car!! I’m glad y’all finally have nice weather. I hate cloudy days! We were in Dallas for the weekend and have a busy week ahead.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Yeah, I wasn’t quite aware that Sasha was going to proceed to park with her in his lap, but it was funny anyway!! Hope your busy week goes well! xo

  3. Love this post, so much. That red bow? Seriously? Also, I think Isla and Simon are starting to look alike. It’s kind of scary. Simon is eating chicken, I promise it’s ok. 🙂
    Please tell me Isla is coloring with those crayons? Simon would be like. “what? I can bang these on the table while simultaneously trying to eat them? Cool.”
    Her clothes get me every week… so much different than boy clothes. Stripes upon stripes around here. And robots. And cars :).

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      I think they look alike too!!! Twin moms create twin babies.
      HA, she colors SORT OF, but mainly just wants to lick. We did more berry painting today and it’s a disastrous but wonderful mess. I don’t think she is going to be artistic.
      Simon’s outfits are always adorable too! Boys and girls are different, but boy clothes still melt my heart. Less frou-frou and bow, but little gentlemen… ugh. Bring on the robots and cars.

  4. Hello Houston Neighbor, I was admiring your home with all the modern windows and angles. Major love! Our house has the same concept but your home has more windows which is amazing. Do you like the modern look? I just adore it. I just visited the Painted Churches this week, have you been there? You should check it out on my blog…just breathtaking. Your little one sure is growing up fast.

  5. So completely adorable! I need to try that Chandon bottle. I’ve never tried a sparkling red. I loved Napa!!! Hope the shower was beautiful. The weather was perfect this weekend. 🙂

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