This past weekend, we hosted a wedding shower at our house for two of our close friends, Scott and Amanda. We tested the capacity of ‘The Manor,’ and had 67 people eating, drinking, laughing and taking polaroids (or Instax Minis, to be precise). Sasha and I had such a good time, and seriously cannot wait for their wedding in New Orleans in just a few months. I’ll share a handful of photos later this week – although it’s hard to play photographer when you’re busy being a host! I’m glad I got some photos taken before the party started. I did share one of my favorite pictures below – Amanda’s two adorable nieces came, and they love the photos. You’ll see the ‘World’s Best Selfies’ below!

The shower was by far the biggest highlight of the week, and getting ready for it took up most of the week. There were a few other fun moments, including:

  • Meeting two sweet friends for lunch at Adair Kitchen and getting one of my favorite meals in the city – their black bean quinoa burger (it’s heavenly)
  • Getting our new ficus lyrata set up – we ordered it from Houston Interior Plants and love it
  • Ordering a British passport for Isla
  • More mushed berry finger painting with Isla, as her aunts commissioned pieces of their own
  • Hanging up lights in our backyard (well, Sasha did) – we ordered these ones from Amazon and love them!
  • Taking Isla to the park with her cousins and swinging for the first time!
  • Receiving packages from one of my best friends, Sophee, and from Kendra Scott – details on what was inside will be shared tomorrow!
  • Catching up with one of my closest high school friends, Joy (who owns the amazing jewelry company, Priya) over lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen
  • Receiving my two new wedding bands, as the tiny pave ones I had kept losing diamonds!
  • Discovering that Isla is obsessed with Plum Organics squeezable purees – we are doing baby led weaning, but want to make sure Isla practices eating from a spoon too! She is obsessed with the Greek yogurt, spinach and raspberry flavor
  • A playdate with McKenzie and Sasha’s mom on Friday – we had Isla time, then enjoyed lunch together at the house
  • Getting pampered on Saturday morning with a mimosa and blowout (something I need every day!)
  • Buying at least 7 outfit options for the shower, then wearing something I already owned (how often does this have to happen for me to learn?)

A definite low point was spending hours on the phone with Apple to fix my iPhoto – where I store all photos. Yikes. I was extremely cranky last night while this was happening!

What were your highlights this week? IslaDSC_0033Isla2




  1. Isla is perfect.
    She is standing like a champ!
    Love instax photos and might need one of my own.
    Simon has that ring toy and is also a fan.
    Can’t wait to see shower pics.
    Still uncertain how you accomplish so much in one week. Seriously.
    Oh and ALSO, my macbook pro decided to stop charging last night! My brand new beautiful macbook. We have a date with the geniuses this afternoon. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Yessss, you need an Instax camera. They are seriously too fun. I have to remind myself it’s not an iPhone and I cannot take 10000 photos though.
      I don’t think you can have too many ring toys! We have a ton and she loves chewing them all (oh, she’s supposed to stack them? Yeahhh right).
      Well, I don’t WORK like you do or I wouldn’t accomplish 1/10th of it!!
      How is the Macbook Pro??? How annoying!

  2. Ahh, I love taking our kids to the park. So sweet! I really like the photo of you two.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you!! Park trips are going to be a new staple activity now that she can swing!!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thanks, Christie! I love the lights – Sasha hated everything about them (while having to hang them) but likes them now too!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      The World’s Best Selfies – how funny are kids??? What is the world going to look like in 30 years? And yes, that cheeky little tongue!! Gets me every time! xo

  3. I am so legitimately obsessed with your sweet little Isla…she is the epitome of joy. Her little face…those eyes. You take the most stunning photos, and I wish that we lived closer because I think our littles would have a great time playing together. My highlights this week have included dancing with my little to ‘The Circle of Life’ on repeat for over an hour and listening to her tell me stories about princesses and dragons, reading ‘Froggy Underpants’ every single night for the past five days, and spending lots of one on one mommy and daughter time since the hubs is out of town. I treasure every moment I get to spend with my little. Each morning seeing her happy face is the highlight of my day. Cheesy? Maybe. But totally true. Love your blog and insta, so glad that we have connected!

    xox, Maya Beth

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Maya! I mean, do hormones ever go back to normal after having a baby because I started crying reading your highlights. That all sounds SO LOVELY. I cannot wait to do these things with Isla. I definitely love ‘The Circle of Life’ and will happily sing it for hours and hours. I haven’t heard of ‘Froggy Underpants,’ but need to add it to our book list for the future. I agree with you – I think our girls would have a wonderful time together!! I am so glad that we have connected too. Your photos are also stunning, as are you and your sweet family. So much love. xoxoxox

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