Isla celebrated 8 months of life (outside of the womb) yesterday, and while it definitely has flown by, so much has happened during the last 244 days. Eight months is also the length of time that you are aware that you’re pregnant, and ohmygosh just thinking about how long that is makes me want Isla to be an only child!

This is a really fun age, as Isla’s personality is definitely apparent now. While she used to steal her pacifier from my mouth and put it in hers, she now takes it, looks at it, then puts it right back. She even gives all of her food to Belle while in her high chair – so clearly she will forever be a good sharer. Right? Ha. Wishful thinking.

So, what are some things that make Isla laugh? Peek-a-boo in the sheets when I’m making the bed and she’s still in it, tickling her underarms and feet, filling my cheeks with air and clapping her hands over my mouth to blow it all out – she loves this!, silly voices and my cheerleading jumps (never fails!). Isla laughs and laughs every morning when we do our dance routine to Uptown Funk. She also giggles uncontrollably when she watches videos of herself giggling uncontrollably, which makes me… yeah, you got it – giggle uncontrollably.

Things that Isla loves? Food. Yup, just like her parents! Isla loves sweet potatoes, avocados, berries, rusks, puffs, dried mango and Plum Organics purees. She loves reading before bed and bathtime. She loves going on runs with me (and sleeping the whole time), as well as doing errands during the week. She is obsessed with the Life Time Fitness day care, and has made a few ‘friends’ who are consistently there at the same time as her. She loves getting her feet licked by Belle and walking with her cart and getting pushed on her bike.

Things that Isla hates? Going to bed. What? She was doing so well for the past few months, but as of the last two weeks, she cries and cries and cries. I think it has to do with separation anxiety that is prevalent at this age. She also hates the sound of packing tape (a lot), as well as getting her diaper changed or getting put in the car seat when she’s hungry.

Every night I pray for Isla, and I get excited as I tuck myself into bed, just thinking about seeing her in the morning. It’s so cheesy and cliche, but seeing her tiny little face every day makes me the happiest human alive.


Monthly onesies from Wedding Chicks // Adorable floral pants from Little Peanut Threads // Playroom rug from West Elm // Hape Walker // Hape Bike

Isla’s ‘Life-to-Date’ photos



    I love this post.
    Isla and Simon are starting to be so different… yet so so so similar.
    She is such a beautiful girl.
    Love the comparison pics!!!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      He’ll be 8 months tomorrow! Still cannot believe he clung on for those extra days… determined NOT to be Isla’s twin, but her twin all the same. I love that they’re similar but different 😉 He’s THE CUTEST EVER. And yes, I’m yelling. xoxoxo

  2. I just found your blog and have spent the last hour catching up! Love it and love this month update. She is SO cute.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Awww, thank you, Meg. So sweet!!!! I appreciate it.

  3. Month five still hurts my ovaries. Help. What an amazing momma Isla has, you are totally present and have so much love and joy. I can feel it coming off my screen! Here’s to your gorgeous girl and all the fantastic months ahead. xoxox

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      You are so funny. I love how I can hear you speak when you write. You are just the best. Such a big hug being sent to you.

  4. I love reading about you and miss Isla and how much you love each other! You are both so lucky to have each other <3 Her smile slays me every single time, and I can almost hear the giggling! She sounds a lot like my little-especially the bed time crying. That hasn't changed much, Chloe still hates going to sleep, but otherwise such a sweet and happy girl just like your little Isla. Keep the updates coming! So so sweet. Love your blog!!!

    xox, Maya Beth

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Oh goodness, I totally though the night time crying would end soon, but another mom below said her little one still cries too! I mean, I’d hate to leave the party early too, so I cannot blame them. Isla and Chloe obviously have FOMO! 😉 You are so sweet – the giggles are contagious, as I know you know from sweet Chloe. I have a feeling they’d be the best of friends. xoxoxox

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      That’s how I feel about Julian!!! A grown boy! So heartbreaking. And excited. Ahh, all of the emotions!! xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Yes!!! Isn’t it wild. And you definitely have seen her grow up!!

  5. the hair! it’s so long! she’s a cutie. and totally feel you on separation anxiety. is it bad that we still offer milk before bed? was the only way to avoid the breakdown.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      It really is long… and knotted. Woops. Sasha’s fault as bather! Oh gosh, so expect no-milk-breakdowns for months to come? Fannnntastic haha.

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