Valentine’s Day is upon us, as we now have only four days until we celebrate ‘the day of romance.’ I’m not a big cheesy Valentine’s person, as I think that you should express your love to each other on a daily basis and not just on a Hallmark holiday. With this said, why buck the trend? Sasha and I will be celebrating with a romantic dinner at home this year, as we’re going out to eat with another couple on Friday and then have a baby shower during the day.

I do plan on getting dolled up for our meal, as it’s fun to put on something that makes you feel pretty every now and then (they weren’t kidding when they said this would become a novelty as a new mom!). I will likely wear a red dress or black pants and red blazer, as well as my NARS heat wave lipstick (obsessed – linked below). I’ve got a few nude heels that I’ll choose between and am getting a pedicure on Friday. I’m pretty darn excited about it all. 

Do you know what you’ll be wearing for your Valentine’s Day celebration? If not, I’ve got some inspiration for you below, including dresses, shoes, lips, nails and a little lingerie!





    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Haha I just laughed out loud. I’ll help you get dressed per the norm 😉

  1. That Kate Spade hot pink dress is beautiful, as are the Dee Keller heels. Oh gosh. Now I want to go shopping… thanks, Ailee 😉

  2. Fancy! I guess I need to think about what I’ll be wearing – we’re going to the restaurant we went to after we got engaged and I cannot wait.

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