Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the day off, but if not, I pray you had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend and are still on a love-high from the weekend and don’t mind sitting at your desk today. I had an amazing week, getting to spend time with old and new friends as I celebrated Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, a friend’s 32nd birthday, and a sweet baby boy due so soon! The weather in Houston has just been amazing, so our evening family walks have lasted a little longer than normal.

The main low point of the week was Isla’s first tooth breaking the surface. Oh gosh. I mean, teething is awful! She was a snotty mess all week and absolutely will not let you wipe her nose (poor day care staff at Life Time Fitness discovered that the hard way). She was snugglier than normal though, which was sweet. I cannot believe this is an ongoing process… so many more teeth to come! I am grateful that I’ve had a gummy bear for as long as I have though, and pray she doesn’t feel like biting down while nursing!

Other highlights from the week include:

  • Painting a mug and a plate at The Mad Potter with one of my high school friends, Danielle, who has the most incredible story and you should be following her inspiring blog – Project 3×5 (and her Instagram)
  • Watching Isla take the reigns in peek-a-boo, as she now pulls the cover up and down all by herself – see a little video evidence here and here
  • Catching up with Alexis and Kevin at Ruggles Green – I cannot believe they’re first date was there months ago when they slept the whole time, and now they’re in high chairs making insane amounts of mess
  • Getting a beautiful cross from Isla’s Godmother (my best friend), McKenzie – it’s stunning and she is going to love it so much when she gets older!
  • Enjoying a lovely Galentine’s Day party (post here) with sweet girl friends
  • Celebrating baby Kerr (due in 5 weeks) at Julie’s (of Baby Grace Houston – part of the Best Baby Items on Etsy giveaway!) gorgeous shower – I’ll be sharing details this week!
  • Eating a romantic (ha!) Valentine’s Day dinner with Sasha’s two cousins, Natalia and Stevan, and my sister and playing gin rummy (two for two now, which is insanely lucky for me)
  • Going to McCormick and Schmicks and The Tasting Room to celebrate one of Sasha’s best friend’s birthdays – always so good to spend time with Paige and Matt!
  • Spending time with all three sets of Isla grandparents – during which she ate a crêpe for the first time, played with her new bee chair, and listened to a new book from my mom – Round is a Tortilla
  • Having my sister-in-law’s best friend over to help her design her wedding invitations – they’re going to look so pretty and I’m so excited for their fall wedding!
  • Letting Isla eat all sorts of new foods, like Special K Protein Plus with breastmilk (!!!!) as we were out of oatmeal (which we eat every morning), Brussels sprouts, portobello mushrooms and spicy black bean veggie burgers
  • Listening to an amazing guest speaker at church (Bayou City Fellowship) – his name is Jeremy Courtney and he is the Founder and Executive Director of Preemptive Love Collation –  this organization has the most amazing mission and I was so moved by Jeremy’s message
  • Enjoying a family meal at Ruggles Green after church (yeahhh, I’m addicted to the Texas Goat Cheese Salad)
  • Being gifted the Classic Pave Link bracelet from J. Crew – Amanda gave me this for helping her with wedding planning, and I seriously cannot take it off… I love it
  • Getting to visit with Sasha’s aunt and uncle, who is sick – without sharing details, as this is personal, all prayers are definitely appreciated
  • Finishing up the trip planning for Paris and St. Petersburg – making reservations, figuring out minute details… and praying we get lucky with good French Open tickets!

Some other secretive behind-the-scenes things took place during the week, which I am praying I can share with you soon. Needless to say, the extra effort involved has left me very little time to do much else.

How was your week? What were your highlights? Did you have a fun Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comments below!

DSC_0596WIR1 DSC_0632WIR8WIR14WIR2WIR3DSC_0548WIR4WIR5Photo on 2-12-15 at 2.09 PMWIR12WIR6WIR10WIR7DSC_0509 - Version 2WIR9IMG_4866WIR11I’m participating in my first blog link-up today! Jump on over to Mingle Monday on Life of Meg.



  1. Well, Sasha’s comment melts my heart. What a fun week filled with lots of celebrations. Hope this week is equally as fun – Meg

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      I miss it after one day, so totally understand that sentiment 😉 And thank you!!

  2. Her thighs. Your selfie. Rose-colored glasses. Some things that I am grateful for. I am sending big, positive vibes toward H-town, for Sasha’s uncle, for your behind-the-scenes ventures and your gorgeous life, in general. Lots of love from me to you!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Lots of love from me to YOU! Thank you for the positive vibes – not sure if Ivana has filled you in on the situation or not. I am grateful for her thighs, those Gap sunnies, and your selfie encouragement 😉

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ah, so glad you ventured to her blog! She really does! You both are my inspirational bloggers!!!

  3. Jenna Butcher Reply

    Praying for your uncle too. Busy week! My list is about 1/2 of that!!! Happy Monday!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you, Jenna!! Prayers are definitely appreciated. xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      You are so sweet, Danielle. I am in love with you and your beautiful site too!!!

  4. What a great week! Brussels sprouts, portabellas and black bean burgers sound like a legit diet to me. My best friend gave me that same bracelet for being her matron of honor, it’s my favorite. It’s been a while since I’ve ventured to Dani’s blog- need to head over there and get caught up.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      It’s my favorite bracelet too!! And yes, those three items are part of all delicious diets!

  5. Your photos and updates always make me smile…your family seems so sweet and full of joy, and every picture of Isla is just perfection! Teething is no fun though 🙁 Chloe didn’t get any teeth until about 10 months and then BAM, it started. Luckily I only got bit a few times while nursing before she figured out to not use those sharp little chompers. Hang in there sweet mama! MUAH!

    xox, Maya Beth

  6. Teething is the pits! For real.
    I cannot believe your weather. JEALOUS!
    That JCrew bracelet is perfection.
    What a wonderful week… and also I want to know super secret secrets :).

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