Next weekend, one of my good friends is getting married in New Orleans, and she has asked me to be in her house party (if you’re not familiar with this southern tradition, read this explanation here). Amanda asked all of the house party to wear blush pink dresses, which is also the bridesmaid dress color I chose for my wedding (photos here). Instead of lucking out and finding one dress early on that fit me like a glove, I tried on over twenty blush pink dresses from a number of different stores. I’ve had a hard time finding dresses that fit well recently, given my (ahem) milk-enhanced chest. After trying on some pretty pricey dresses, my friend, Taylor, sent me a link to a dress at Forever 21, and I actually really liked it. The best part was the price tag: $39? Yes, please. Given that I don’t normally wear light pink due to my insanely pale skin, I was a-okay with spending less than $40 on a dress. It’s currently getting altered, as they didn’t have my size, and I’m excited to get it back and try it on. I’m praying it fits well!

During my extensive research, I found some gorgeous blush pink dresses at J. Crew, BHLDN, Nordstrom, Asos, Forever 21 and Macy’s. While at the latter shop, the cashier asked me if I was looking for a bridesmaid dress, and I explained it was for the house party. She told me that blush pink is the most popular bridal party dress color, and that she constantly is helping women find dresses in this color. Et voila, here is my guide to help all of the ladies out there looking for a blush pink dress. If that’s not you, perhaps you think one of these little numbers is pretty and grab it just for fun! I absolutely love this Joanna August Polly Dress and this Tahari Sleeveless Brocade Dress. Lots of good options out there!

What are your thoughts on blush pink dresses? Yay or nay? Which is your favorite? What color were your bridesmaid dresses?




  1. Wow! Can’t believe that is an F21 dress! Love all your wedding and shopping related things… I’m ready for a refresh of your LWD blog 😉

  2. Love these dresses, of course my favorite is the BHLD dress on the bottom right.
    I can’t pull off this color but it’s REAL pretty.
    My bridesmaid dresses were black. Night wedding.

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