Happy Monday! If you live in Houston or have friends here, you are probably tired of people talking about the sunshine, but seriously – it has been so nice to see the sun poking out from behind the clouds after what feels like an eternity. Sasha and I took advantage of the warmth on Saturday and Sunday and spent as much time outdoors as possible. We went to Memorial Park for Isla and I to run and for Sasha to play tennis with his friend. On Sunday, we spent the afternoon at my parent’s house by the hot tub. Isla rocked an itsy bitsy bikini, which our cousin bought for her before she was born – and I adore it.

One of the low points of the week was filling out the insane application form to travel to Russia, and then getting the passport photos, and then going to the bank for cashiers checks, and then going to one office that pointed us to another office, which had a sign pointing us back to the first office. Slightly confused, but praying we get it all worked out this week, as I am so excited for our trip to St. Petersburg!

Besides the visa confusion, the week went really smoothly. Some of the highlights included:

  • Being a featured segment on Great Day Houston! It was live and I was pretty nervous, but I loved doing it and would totally jump at an opportunity to go on the show again.
  • Triple-dating it at Jonathan’s The Rub with Amanda, Scott, Taylor and Luke – it’s an amazing restaurant just a stone’s throw from the house, so we walked (super rare in Houston!)
  • Celebrating Jessica’s birthday dinner at La Vista – love their Spinach salad so much!
  • Catching up with our good friends, Patrick and Betsy, over lunch at Dish Society on Sunday – we are terrible and haven’t seen them since our trip to Mexico City in September!
  • Eating at Island Grill and running into our friends, Lindsey and Casey, and their sweet kids, Walker and Hollis (whose birthday party we celebrated just a few weeks ago!)
  • Meeting my mom and her friend, Ona Rae, at Le Petit Cafe for lunch – this was a staple spot we’d eat at when I was working on a project at BP before maternity leave
  • Having Sunday night ‘Family Dinner’ with my parents and two sisters at Russos – always lots of laughter involved with these dinners!
  • Trying out the core class at Life Time Fitness, and needless to say, my stomach still hurts and my ribs feel broken? Strange but true.
  • Birthday shopping for Jessica with my friend, Brittany, and then meeting the birthday gal at Memorial Park to walk the three mile loop (with Isla strapped to my chest!)
  • Having Sasha’s mom over for lunch on Friday – Isla took an unusually long nap, so we got to have some quality chats before eating together
  • Getting a short but sweet visit from our friends, Matt and Paige, and their daughter, Ellery, who is seriously just the happiest and cutest little girl ever (how was this over a year ago??)
  • Spending Saturday morning with Sasha’s dad, his wife, Olivera, and her mom, who is here visiting from Serbia
  • Finding the world’s cutest sandal ever at Old Navy – these glitter Birkenstocks truly melt my heart. I want them for me.
  • Visiting Sasha’s aunt, Zlata, who is so good with Isla, and of course, Isla adores her because she gives her with candy and biscuits!
  • Getting the prettiest package in the mail from Claire Martin Designs – she is so talented! You definitely need to email her for an order!

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  1. Tennis and swimming with Tata were for sure the weekend highlights 🙂

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you so much!!! I love the red sweater too!! xoxo

  2. I want to come to Houston to try all of these restaurants!!! Sounds like a fun week. I’m glad the sun is finally out in Houston. I so wish I was at the beach right now!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ah, I would love that!!! I wish I was on the beach right now too!

  3. You were great on Great Day Houston! Didn’t seem nervous at all!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you so much for watching, Alice!! I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but then it went away – still managed to say “absolutely” ten thousand times!! 😉

  4. I have never been to any of those restaurants! I need to try them the next time I’m in town. I love the park photos! So happy for sunshine. xx

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Isn’t it so good??? Ah, it’ll be whittled down to three bullets as soon as I start work next week (sob, sob, sob).

  5. You were so good on the GDH, Ailee! First GDH, then the Today Show?
    I love the first few pics of Isla!!
    Hope your week is off to a good start!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      You are too kind. The Today Show. HA. I would be SO NERVOUS. I’d only do it if you were beside me!!!
      Thanks love, xoxoox

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ha, I seriously giggled out loud. I feel the same way about so many of her clothes – WHY can’t I find those tops in adult sizes?? And for a similar price, please! 😉

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