Can you believe that March is almost over? I’ve having slight anxiety about how quickly the year is flying by, and I’m totally convinced I’ll have an emotional breakdown sometime before Isla turns one. Given that we’re getting closer to that date and because we’ll be gone for close to two weeks right before her birthday, I started the birthday planning process this week. Papellerie is designing her invitations, and I’m so excited to see what that incredible team creates. They are responsible for our wedding invitations + all paper goods, and I loved everything they touched.

Last week, our nanny started part time, as I’m still waiting for confirmation on my role and we had set her start date earlier in the month. She’s coming this week again, and I’m taking the opportunity to do the wedding calligraphy for one of my best friends, Brittany. She dropped off the envelopes this weekend, and they’re gorgeous! I cannot wait to celebrate with them in Vail this summer.

Other highlights from the week include:

  • Working on final wedding details for Amanda’s wedding – guest favors, programs, welcome bags, etc. – we’ve got back-to-back weddings the next two weekends (one in Austin, one in New Orleans) and I’m so excited for both!
  • My mom and sister were in Durango for the week, as they’re renovating the second and third floors (which used to be very vintage), so we went out to lunch at Ruggles Green with my dad – of course, he and Sasha had to argue over who ate more (see photo below)
  • On Saturday, we had a date night with Sasha’s friend from the UT MBA program (familiar face?) – we ate at Giacomos (one of our favorites!) and then had cocktails after dinner at Anvil – their French 75s are scarily good
  • We ate at Carrabbas twice – this is pretty much the definition of a good week for me (Insalata Fiorucci, all day, every day)
  • Listening to Jamie Winship preach at Bayou City Fellowship, and then going to lunch afterwards at True Food Kitchen, where Isla ate her first muffin, scrambled egg and (yuck) turkey sausage – so far, she’ll scarf down anything except for beets!
  • Taking photos of a friend’s puppy for his first birthday! It sounds so ridiculous, but I loved it – dogs are easy models because they don’t worry about how they look! I cannot wait to share more photos soon
  • Meeting baby Kerr and taking newborn photos in the hospital – what a special project! I want to do this full time! You can see the photos here
  • Finishing the Russian visa application process, that involved about many hours of paperwork, passport photos, cashiers checks, as well as three visits to the application office! I am praying our trip is worth it!
  • Going to Isla’s first music class at Fundamentally Music – I think I had just as much fun as her, singing songs, dancing, blowing bubbles, shaking tambourines, etc. She starts swim lessons this week, and I’m so excited for those too!
  • Enjoying every ounce of sunshine between rain clouds by going on family runs and making visits to the park

What were the highlights of your week?



  1. I love that Isla is climbing in the closet – she knows where the good stuff is!! 🙂
    She will LOVE swimming lessons!!!!
    Such a fun week!
    Love the pics, as always.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ha, yes!! Exactly!! She hides under my clothes every single morning and I love it. I cannot wait for her to swim like Simon!!! I’m so excited! Another reason for them to be together. xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you so much, Alycia!!! It was a wonderful week! xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you, Sharon!! I love doing them – it helps me to reflect on the positive points from the week!

  2. Her hair in that headband! (Dead.) Also, the selfie, ha! Cheater. 😉 Enjoy some ‘me’ time, pretty mama. Well, if you can carve some out before you start working. xoxoxox

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      I’m totally a cheater. She also pulls my hair over my face like I’m Cousin It, so you couldn’t see me any way! I love that headband photo too!! 😉 Thanks, Jenny! Much love to you!!!!

  3. I love Isla’s hair!!! It’s such a pretty cololr!! And her climbing in the closet. so darn cute!

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