Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Sunday, so I decided to take our wading pool (currently used to house play balls) outside for a little ‘swim.’ Isla had been standing by herself for 10 second stretches of time in the last few weeks, but hadn’t really taken many purposeful steps (just a few between objects, like from her walker to the table). While we were in the pool, she got very adventurous and began taking 4-5 steps from one side of the pool into my arms. Sasha was at Home Depot getting tools for my projects (thank you, love!), and when he walked into the backyard, he was floored (and very excited!) to see her waddling across. After we dried off inside, she started doing longer walks in our playroom before expressing her exhaustion by having total Jello legs (short video here). There were lots of ‘Yay, Isla!!’ chants yesterday, but I’m equally nervous about how many breakable items we have at reaching distance. Time to get serious about baby proofing! Isla’s favorite Instagram-friend, Livi, is totally motivating her – check out this video that her sweet momma posted yesterday. She’s amazing! Go, Livi, go!

The definite low point of the week was getting my first cavity filled. I am such a baby. I opted in for the laughing gas, and I still felt like I was going to faint. And then the ache in my jaw all day long? I’m brushing five times a day now and going to start using Act. No more cavities for me!

A few highlights of the week included:

  • My seriously amazing husband bought me a Canon 5D Mark III camera and the 50mm f 1.2L lens to show his support of my photography business, which I’ll be sharing more details about soon and hopefully ‘launching’ in less than a month! I am still learning the ins and outs of it, but I adore it. Half of the photos below are taken with the new camera, and the others are with my iPhone and my trusted Nikon D5000.
  • Meeting one of my college best friends, Blake, at Sweet Paris after church on Sunday – Sasha ordered my vegan crepe, which we laughed about as it arrived covered in powdered sugar and Nutella. I joked that he was trying to get me back for the one time I ordered him a salad and it had a cream dressing. Needless to say, I picked out the fruit from the crepe. I do love Sweet Paris though – especially the restaurant’s interior design. See my friend Christie’s post about it here.
  • Going to Tiny Boxwood’s with one of my favorite people in the world – Brooke – on Saturday for a mid-afternoon drink. Tiny’s has the best drink in Houston (in my humble opinion) – the white wine mojito. Yummm.
  • At long last, my bestest friend, McKenzie, and I celebrated her birthday (ahem, which is in July! Yikes!) with a spa date at the Houstonian’s Trellis Spa. We enjoyed the sauna, our treatments (massage and facial), and a glass of bubbly in our robes afterward. It was pure heaven!
  • Enjoying a wine and cheese night with two girlfriends on Tuesday – I am guilty of eating the entire Brie triangle. I cannot stop myself. I love spontaneous girls nights like these!
  • Getting my hair cut and colored by Eric Vaughn at Estilo Salon. He is so wonderful, and although I am the world’s least patient person and almost didn’t survive a three hour appointment, I love the outcome and had The Paris Wife to read while letting the color set.
  • Family visits from my mother-in-law, dad, and my older sister! She came over for dinner and a game night of Bananagrams, which I’m slightly addicted to. Since we’ll be spending most evenings in during our trip (except for our night out in Paris with a babysitter!), I’d love to hear any fun two-person game suggestions!
  • Being treated to TCBY twice in one week. With all of the self-serve places popping up, my loyalty to TCBY that was built during college sort of dissipated, but it’s back. We are addicted!
  • Receiving my first Voxbox from Influenster. I will be reviewing the products this week!
  • Finally hanging up our new West Elm mirror in our master bedroom and selling our futon – now all that’s left is to get a bookshelf and have the room painted, and the room is complete! I’m so excited.
  • Carter’s Instagrammed about my Baby Hospital Bag giveaway last week, which helped spike entries! I got very excited to see all of the giveaway pins on Pinterest! Thank you for participating. The winner of the giveaway is Daphne K.! I’m so excited for her and her sweet baby girl due in May.

4B3A0531 W1W2Teething on any-and-everything4B3A0211Some days are two coffee cup days (with straws – see dentist note above!)W104B3A03474B3A0355W9WR94B3A0452 4B3A0465 Penne pasta from The Original Carrabbas – she’s a carb-lover!W84B3A0301 W64B3A06494B3A0626 W3Isla and Me My freshly dyed hair (and awesome color marking around my hair line)W54B3A0684W4W11IMG_7752 Black bean facialIMG_7844 IMG_77924B3A0206W12My raison d’être | Creative projects + family time


 A fist pump was definitely deserved!IMG_7998 IMG_7934W14This little face | That is all


  1. Isla walking was for sure the highlight of the weekend #prouddad

  2. Your Little Lady is looking more and more adorable each passing day. What beautiful family you have! xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you, sweet friend. I hope you’re loving the US of A 🙂 🙂 🙂 So happy to have you here!

  3. omgoodness. She’s just the cutest. & so is your family!! Isla’s eyes are GORGEOUS! & I love how her and Livi are little instagram friends, and always dressing as twins. If only we lived closer, they could have play dates, swim and walk and explore together!

    & YAY for Isla and her walking!!!! so, so exciting! & YAY for your new camera!!! that is so fun. I love my 50mm lens! I need to start using it more!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      You are so sweet. Thank you, Kristy!!! I love how they are Instagram friends too! I would seriously love to have those play dates and exploration sessions!!! 🙂 🙂 How long did it take for Livi to go from waddles to where she is now?? I’m so impressed by that video! She’s amazing. Also, you have a Canon too, right? I’m LOVING it so far!!!

  4. Isla seriously gets cuter by the day! Sorry you’re out of the no-cavity club. I would be a total wuss too! When can we have a Trellis day?? #tomorrow.

    x Christie

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      You’re the sweetest. Thank you. And UGH. I want to have only one cavity when I’m 90! Terrible. We need one #tomorrow. For reals. Let’s do it!!

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