Yesterday, #LittleMissIsla celebrated her eleven month-iversary, making her not so little any more (new hashtag search begins! Ha). Given that she still seemed miserable and kept tugging on her ear, I showed up at our pediatrician’s office at 8:30am when they opened and snuck our way in for an unscheduled appointment. She got drops to remove liquid that is trapped in her ear canal, and I’m hoping she feels better soon! Since they weighed her while we were there, I know how she weighs 20.5 pounds, which is a whopping 14 pounds more than she did eleven months ago. The girl loves food.

Other things that Isla loves? Isla loves her water bottles. She also loves tossing them onto the floor seven thousand times and watching us pick them up. Apparently, we are her slaves! She adores taking naps when I run. She loves her ‘bestie’ (a lovie from RH Baby & Child), her pacifiers when she naps (and chunking them out of the crib when she’s over them), changing the tunes on her Sound Sheep, dancing to Uptown Funk, clapping her hands, playing hide and seek behind her ottoman, throwing the balls from her ball pit around the playroom, and chewing on her plastic crayons. Isla loves all dogs, especially little yappy ones. She loves breastfeeding (how will we ever wean?). Isla enjoys taking her clothes off – one arm at a time. She really likes to look at herself in the mirror (not vain at all, right?) and takes delight in her nightly baths with Tata on duty.

So, what are some things that make Isla laugh? Peek-a-boo. Such a classic. But she prefers to hide and unhide herself versus us doing it. She also has the most ticklish thighs and underarms. She will lose her marbles if you give her a good squeeze! Isla laughs when you do animal noises (especially a lion’s ‘Rawr’!). She giggles when we exclaim ‘YAY!’ when she claps (and then claps more). But most of all, she loves when I do cheerleading jumps (see video here).

Things that Isla dislikes? Getting her face and nose wiped is a big #1. Taking a nap if she’s got a dirty diaper (it won’t happen, even if she’s exhausted). She also dislikes being fed (she’d prefer to do it herself, which is the messiest experience ever). There are times when Isla dislikes being held by anyone but me, but that’s normally just toward the end of the day when she’s exhausted (or more recently when she was sick). She really is not a fan of anyone taking away their cell phone once she’s got it in her tight grip (yikes).

Isla is still sleeping from 6:30pm – 7:30am (except this past week, which was difficult with her being sick), and she’s now down to one nap a day (normally 12:30-2:30pm). She is standing on her own and will take 6-7 steps, but definitely still has sea legs. She much prefers to crawl at this time, but is getting more and more confident in walking. She eats just about everything, but dislikes beets and tends to toss bananas to Belle (our dog). She is more happy in swim class every single week (first lesson was a mess!), and enjoys music and gym classes too.

I cannot believe that in less than a month, we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. It seems like this year has flown by, which makes me sad, but then I think about how much more fun she is every day, and I get excited about the future. I cannot wait until she can talk and tell us what she’s thinking! She is just a bundle of joy, and we love her to pieces.

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  1. What a doll! I really think she and Caroline need to get together for a play date!! They would have so much fun 🙂

  2. Happy 11 months sweet Isla!!!!

    I love how all her likes and dislikes are the same as Livi’s! Especially throwing her water off the table over and over. I can never keep that cup on her highchair! Our little instagram twinsies. She is so sweet, I hope she starts feeling better soon!!! Poor thing!

    And that’s so exciting that she’s getting more and more confident in walking! Go Isla go!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Ailee!!! She is such a doll. That’s so awesome that she is such a good sleeper. 🙂 And these pictures! I die. I love the black and white one of her looking down. Gorgeous. Love to y’all!

  4. WOW! One more month and Isla’s going to be a YEAR old! I’ve seen her grow through your photos, and I’m going to stick around until she’s old enough to drive, perhaps?

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