Happy Mother’s Day! This holiday is extra special for me this year as a first time mom. I think one of the biggest blessings about becoming a mother is fully understanding the love that your own mother has for you. The moment that I held Isla in my arms, my heart became infinitely larger. I’d read before that the love you have for your child is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and I am now fortunate enough to know firsthand how true this is.

I am so incredibly grateful for my relationship with my own mom (or ‘Mum,’ as we call her). She is the most supportive person I’ve ever met. She’s calm, she’s a fixer, she’s my rock and someone who I can always call and get good advice (that is, if she has her phone with her, which is very unpredictable!). When I am sick (which fortunately doesn’t happen often), I want my mom. Does anyone else feel that way? Does this ever change? When Isla was born, my mom pretty much packed up her bags and came to stay for two weeks, even though she only lives 15 miles away. Mum is the least selfish person on the planet, and I’m now realizing this is a common trait for mothers. I hope that I am as good of a mom to Isla as she is to me.

With the holiday approaching, I’ve seen a handful of sweet quotes on Instagram and Pinterest, but the one that caught my attention the most is: “The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.” It may be cheesy, but it’s true. After Isla finishes breastfeeding every morning, she sits up on my lap, and I ask for her a hug. Then she puts her arms around me and leans her head on my right shoulder, and I literally melt every single morning. It’s the little things like that I want to hold onto forever.

During this morning’s church service, our pastor, Curtis, said that while it is a day to celebrate, there are many people who find this day hard. The men and women who are mourning the loss of a mother or grandmother, or those who are struggling to conceive and become a parent, and especially those who have lost a child. Given the reality of this statement, I think it’s important for us to keep this at the forefront of our minds and give an extra big hug to those whom we know are hurting today. I’m saying lots of prayers today! xo

Here are some of my favorite photos of me and Isla, as well as my favorite of my mom (Isla’s ‘Mimi).Baby Isla-002Awake1049

Awake-1071DSC_1016Awake1089Sasha_Ailee_Wedding_047Sasha_Ailee_Wedding_124 Newborn photo by Taylor Lord | Me and Isla by Paige Budde | Me and Mum by Ryan Ray


  1. I don’t know, but for some reason, this post made me cry. I don’t know what it feels like to be a mother yet, but I hope someday I will. Happy Mother’s Day, Ailee! <3

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