If you’ve been on Snapshots & My Thoughts for more than 2 minutes, you’ll know I’m obsessed with take photographs (hence my decision to turn it into a career!). When Isla was born, I became paranoid that she was growing too quickly and that I would forget what she looked like on day 27, 35, 89, etc. Therefore, I had the genius idea that I would make a ‘Photo-a-Day’ book. When it came to which site I would use to document these memories, I immediately thought of Shutterfly, as I have 14 photo books (seriously) printed from this incredible company already, and you can definitely consider me to be brand loyal.ย YearinPhotos

Click here to see a virtual copy of Isla’s book, which I just ordered yesterday! I cannot wait to give this to her when she is older. It is incredible to watch her grow day-by-day.

However, I will admit, it was a hugely time consuming project, and I likely will just focus on the monthly update photos for baby #2. I do think it’s important toย have physical photographs of your little one versus a million sitting on a hard drive. Whether that means printing them off as regular photographs, making a photo book, creating a canvas, designing a coffee mug, or making a scrapbook, I encourage you to get those photographs off your computer and into your hands.

I would love to know how you document your little ones! Do you create photo books? Or print regular photos and put them into albums? Or maybe you’ve got other creative ideas? Please share them with me in the comments!

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A few of our Shutterfly books (I so much the colorful covers!)


  1. I document my child’s progress via my wife who takes a photo a day #dailybabywatch

  2. That is completely amazing! I’m pretty sure I have a picture a day for Charlotte her first year…maybe a few days are missing every now and then, but I bet I could do something very similar. Now to find the time to do it! We love Shutterfly as well. The bomb dot com, and they have the best customer service! When my iPhoto library crashed and I didn’t have a backup, they sent me a DVD of all that I had uploaded to their site for free. Seriously love them.

  3. You are awesome! I really need to print photos of the girls. I have so many sitting on my external hard drive. I didn’t do any baby books. Mom fail!

  4. Love that idea. We have 3 photos books from Shutterfly and I love them. I plan on doing more; I have like a million photos on my harddrive….It;ll be hard to decide which ones though!!!

  5. I loooove Shutterfly! I make all of our books from there. When we moved my best friend had all of Travis and my close friends send her a letter and photos and made a book out of it. It’s my favorite one to look at ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the photo a day idea, you are one dedicated momma/photographer!

  6. My mother in law loves doing photo books in order to keep track of photos. I personally print out most of the photos we take. I use Snapfish (but love Shutterfly too), I upload the photos to there, wait for good sales to happen, then purchase them, write on the back of the photos and then put in an album. Man it takes time, but we love having actual photo albums to look at. I give photo gifts a lot to family and friends like canvases, books, framed photos, etc. Both sides of our family much prefer something like this than other things. As an organizer, I know all the rage is to keep them on hard drives and downsize the “stuff” you have, but there is something about having actual photos too that is so special.

  7. Oh gosh I am SO BEHIND on a project. I want to put Simon’s first year together and just haven’t done it yet. #momoftheyear Love the POTD book!!

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