Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking newborn photographs for the sweetest little boy, Tucker. Tucker was born during the terrible floods that hit Houston recently, and the Morrison’s house had three feet of water in it when they were set to leave the hospital. I could truly not think of a more terrible situation with a newborn, but both Kelsie and Marty have such a positive attitude about it. Given that they are currently displaced from their house, we took the photos at our friend’s house. (Side note: Cuteheads is donating a onesie or tee for every order received in the month of June to victims of the floods! I just ordered that adorable chambray romper!)

I absolutely love taking newborn photographs, although these made me want to cry while editing them, as I cannot believe it was almost exactly a year that Isla was born (tomorrow will be her birthday!). They grow up so fast. Tucker was so itsy bitsy, and even then, he is almost two pounds heavier than Isla was! How is it possible she was that small? It’s crazy!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. Here are some sweet baby photos to brighten your day!

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