Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-20 Last Thursday, I took newborn photographs for sweet Murphey Grace, whose Mom I was introduced to by a friend, but it turned out I had already met Morgan because our husbands were in the same MBA class at The University of Texas. Not to mention she went to college with my friend, Danielle, and played volleyball in high school with my cousin, Natalia. Smallest world ever, right?

Murphey was a little angel during the shoot, and didn’t even make a peep when her dad tried to pose her in one of his cowboy boots! That baby girl was over 10 pounds at birth, and she was not sliding into any leather shoe! Ha.

Izzy, their dog, was the perfect co-model. Belle was not having it during our newborn shoot with Isla, but Izzy just sat there and ‘smiled.’ Aren’t Izzy and Murphey just adorable? I’ve got a few newborn shoots lined up when I get back from Colorado – already excited about them! If you’ve got any pregnant friends in Houston, send them my way, please!

Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-17 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-23 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-27 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-68 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-90Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-39 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-78 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-85 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-46 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-47 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-89 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-32 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-63 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-61 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-6 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-11 Murphey Grace (1 of 1)-10


  1. What a sweet little lady 🙂 Great job, Ailee. What camera do you use (not that it makes a difference) I’m just always curious what other’s are using 😉

  2. These photos are precious! I wish I had taken newborn photos – these early days seem like such a blur. So special. xoxo

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