Happy Monday! I cannot believe how quickly the last week (okay, month) has flown by. I keep on promising to get caught up, but I’m struggling to actually accomplish this. We’re heading to Colorado on Friday for a friend’s wedding, then I’m meeting my parents and Isla in Durango on Sunday and will spend a few weeks there. We haven’t gone back since spending the entire summer there last year, and we’re both itching for the mountain air. Hiking with Isla will be so much more challenging though! Ha.

This past Monday, I flew to Oklahoma City to visit one of my best friends, Kirby, and her daughter, Lillian, and husband, Brett (whom Sasha loves). Lillian is almost one, and it was so much fun to see the girls interact with each other. By interact, I obviously mean pull books of the bookshelves! Isla was a little aggressive with her hugs at first, but she calmed down after the first day! Ha. We were supposed to take photos with a photographer named Jessa Kae, but she canceled due to the rain, so we hurried outside and snapped a few photos of Lillian (and some with Isla). She is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to share more photos after her birthday!

We flew back on Wednesday, then spent Thursday running errands, going to swim class and meeting with Ally at Equinox (opening this year in Houston!). I was asked by Ashley of Sugar & Cloth to help out with a BHLDN photo shoot, so I went to try my dress on, and unfortunately, it did not work in the chest area, so I had to go and get a topper to conceal my milk-bearing chest! Embarrassing, yes. The shoot on Friday was so much fun, and I’m dying to see how the photos turned out. I absolutely love Ashley’s style and Jared’s photos, and every detail of the set was perfect.

Other highlights from the week included:

  • Spending Saturday morning with a former co-worker turned friend at the Trellis spa at the Houstonian. I got an oxygen facial, and I love it! I was totally convinced that I needed to buy all Natura Bisse products! Have you ever tried them? I would love some first-hand opinions!
  • Seeing that Isla’s party was voted as one of the finalists on Project Nursery! I would love your vote!
  • Celebrating two of our favorite boys’ 1st birthdays on Saturday – Isla was exhausted after back-to-back parties, but we all had such a great time. I’m going to be sharing photos from the parties this week!
  • Finally finishing off thank you cards (only two and a half weeks late!) – what a relief! I also managed to put away the honeycomb backdrop, as it’s going to be used in Cake & Confetti’s birthday celebration tomorrow evening (cannot wait!).
  • Spending Father’s Day celebrating Sasha and my dad at my parent’s house. We had lots and lots of fun in the pool (and quite a few Crave cupcakes!). I love all of the dads in my life.
  • Eating family dinner on Friday at our house and then playing Bananagrams afterwards (I adore this game). My older sister also babysat Isla while I was at the spa on Saturday. She took her to the Farmer’s Market! What a fun little outing.
  • Splashing around in swim class with new moms, as the summer session just started. It’s so nice to meet other moms with similar aged babies in the area. Isla still doesn’t get the point of kicking, but she loves going under the water so much.
  • Finishing some wedding work for my good friend, Brittany, who is getting married in Vail on Saturday. It’s going to be so gorgeous! I am beyond excited (and can’t wait to see our hotel room at the Sonnenalp!).
  • So. Many. Bubbles. Isla is obsessed. We started every single morning off with bubbles in the driveway, because she chants “buhh-ble, buhh-ble” during breakfast. It cracks me up, and I totally cave and let her play. She’s a demanding little lady! Watch this video for proof!

How was your past week? Did you have a good Father’s Day? Tell me about it in the comments below! xo

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  1. Love all the photos! I can’t get over how curly Islas hair is, it’s so sweet 🙂 sounds like you guys had a busy week!

  2. Weekend was fantastic! Tata-day was super fun and we have birthday festivities on Saturday all over Houston which Isla had a blast at.

  3. These pictures may be my favorite week in review yet! I love the pool pictures and I can’t believe how curly Isla’s hair is getting! You will be forever thrilled that you’ve taken such beautiful pictures and documented these years, I’m sure of it!

  4. In love with your gorgeous little family, missing you guys more and more every day! You are incredibly talented! So happy for all your accomplishments! Hugs and kisses to all!

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