CoverHello from my parent’s house in Durango, Colorado! I arrived here yesterday afternoon after spending the weekend in Vail, celebrating one of my oldest friend’s weddings. Brittany was one of the first people I befriended when I moved to Texas from Scotland in 3rd grade. I adore her and her new husband, Aaron, and had the best time showering them with love over the last few days. Sasha flew home to Houston after the wedding, and I met my parents and Isla in Durango, where we spent over two months last summer (I have missed it so much). We’re going to spend a few weeks here, which I’m looking forward to (Texas summers are something else!).

Prior to flying to Vail on Friday, we had a very busy week in Houston. I was fortunate enough to have photo shoots every single day (two on Monday!) – more photos to come later this week (also shared a few last week). It did, however, make for many late nights, as I’m OCD about a quick turnaround for editing. I am currently editing photographs from Brittany and Aaron’s rehearsal, and I’ll post those soon. You’ll see a few below – and will likely fall in love with her black and white Oscar de la Renta dress (recently worn by T. Swiftnbd, right?).

Some of the week’s highlights included:

  • Photographing two baby boys, David and Brooks, on Monday – I shared their photos here last week. They are both insanely cute, and their mamas are sweet to boot.
  • Celebrating Cake & Confetti‘s second “birthday” with Meredith and other incredibly talented Houston ladies – I cannot wait to share photos later on! More details here.
  • Shooting more looks for my gorgeous friend’s new fashion blog – Feather Thread. We found some cool spots at City Centre, and I’m anxious to photograph more outfits when we get back home.
  • Meeting and photographing the cutest baby girl, Murphey Grace, whose parents we have about ten connections to. The world is so small! I’m going to share her photos tomorrow.
  • Chatting with Leah of The Monogram Shop (she’s the sweetest) and picking up Isla’s adorable monogrammed dress, which I shared on Friday.
  • Relaxing at the Sonnenalp hotel – our room was one of the coolest I’ve ever stayed in, as I loved the decor and the fact it was a two-story room. I highly recommend staying there if you are ever visiting Vail!

How was your week? Please tell me some of your highlights in the comments below! xo

David (1 of 1)-141Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-209 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-210 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-207Cake and Confetti (1 of 1)-106 Cake and Confetti (1 of 1)-104 Cake and Confetti (1 of 1)-100 Cake and Confetti (1 of 1)-103 Cake and Confetti (1 of 1)-75 Selfie time at Cake & Confetti’s birthday party!FT (1 of 1)-83 FT (1 of 1)-42When you find yourself in a magazine (oh wait, never happened to me!)FT (1 of 1)-96The Monogram Shop (1 of 1)-9Europe (1 of 1)-126 Europe (1 of 1)-130 Europe (1 of 1)-144 Europe (1 of 1)-146 Europe (1 of 1)-171Brittany Wedding (1 of 1)-8 Brittany Wedding (1 of 1)-7Brittany Wedding (1 of 1)Brittany Wedding (1 of 1)-3Brittany Wedding (1 of 1)-5

House photo by Classique Builders


  1. Loving all your photos!!!! Isla is such a beauty!

    Ps. Is that bowl stick to your highchair??? I need to know about this. lol

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      That’s how I feel about you, Meg!!! Seriously!! And thank you! (kiss emoji)

  2. Gorgeous!!!! I drool over all your pictures. You are so talented, my dear! im just now catching up with my blog reading, and I’m also jealous of that Colorado weather.

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