07-09-15-p01-cid0709156287-7-adam-8a3cbcf6-a7ce-4e14-bb85-a4c201541ed4-fil-fileIn case you haven’t received a million emails already or seen it promoted on social media, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is taking place right now with early access to cardholders from July 9th to 16th, and then ‘all access’ from the 17th to 19th. I only own two store credit cards – one to Nordstrom and the other to J. Crew. The Nordstrom card has huge perks, mainly being the Nordstrom Notes you receive (cash back discounts), free alterations and access to exclusive events. If you don’t own a Nordstrom card, but shop there a few times a year, I definitely think it’s worth it – especially since you can access this incredible sale.

Ever since Isla was born, I’ve bought way more clothing for her than for myself (typical Mom problem, right?), but I decided to take advantage of this sale and bought a few items, like these colorful workout pants, these confetti-like earrings, these boyfriend jeans, and these casual transition booties.


Apply here for a card and start shopping the sale. Some of my favorite sale finds are below!



  1. Glad I read this post bc I didn’t know you had a Nordstrom’s CC #busted

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      He is a mess. He DEFINITELY had to have known I had a Nordstrom card!! And yes, the sale is pretty crazy. I’m considering going back and buying more… trying to show some self control though. Yikes.

  2. What color did you get in the glitter earrings? I love the ones shown as the thumbnail picture but they don’t seem to be available online. Of course the anniversary sale happens when I’m stuck in the NYC/Connecticut area which is a Nordstrom Desert. Wahhh!!

  3. I feel like I already weigehd in on this somewhere else, but I am pro-Classifieds! I think more people would use them if they were easier to find and search too 🙂

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